What a day!


We’re having a “too hot to wear a sweater but You do anyway when You’re out walking the dogs because You think it will be much colder in the shadows which it isn’t so You sweat like a pig and wish You had something to cool You down with” kind of day.  It isn’t that hot to be honest,16C (60,8F) but since it has been rather chilly these last days it feels much warmer. But the morning was rather cold with frost and fog but since there was no wind blowing it felt kind of nice anyway.







The air is filled with bird songs, frog sounds and the buzzing from lots of bumblebees and other insects. So far no annoying ones but some beetles seems rather confused when flying, they sort of go here and there and suddenly they fly straight into my forehead 🙂 That doesn’t make them less confused but they just keep on flying and I hope they’ll reach what ever destination they want to reach 🙂 Butterflies always look very confused in their flying but they are pretty successful anyway and I’ve seen plenty of them today.







I’ve poured out extra soil in my vegetable garden and I’ve planted red onion sets, sown spinach seeds and that thistle with roots that can be used in the same way as asparagus. It sort of feel wrong sowing thistles when that is the only weed I really try to keep away from my garden 🙂 In between planting in the vegetable garden I’ve played with my dogs, sown annuals in pots so I can plant them outside later on and I’ve been sitting on my patio drinking tea. It is a rather nice day 🙂







I tend to avoid going anywhere during our three biggest holidays, traffic is insane and Easter is the worst of them all. So I won’t make any special food myself but of course there are traditions on what to eat at Easter but it cab vary quite a lot within this country. Eggs are a must of course and many have chicken for dinner as well. But more often we have an Easterbord, it’s much like a smorgasbord with lots of different things we can pick as we want from. No holiday without pickled Herring and this is something I can’t understand since it is disgusting 🙂 There’s no end on how many varieties there is of pickled Herring and they all taste just as bad.







Many have lamb and salmon seems to be a must now days too. There’s always meatballs and prince sausages for us that can’t stand pickled herring and some now days have an easter ham,  just like the one we have at Christmas. We must not forget all things You can have on a sandwich tat belongs to that Easterbord. Liver pate, preferable two different ones, cheese of all kinds, spotted sausages and anything else You can think of that would go well on a sandwich 🙂 and never ever forget beetroot salad!







Personally I’ll make some pancakes instead 🙂 Well I have both prince sausages and meatballs but I feel pancakes is just what is needed a day like this, too bad I don’t have any ice cream at home, goes perfect together with pancakes 🙂







Happy Easter  everyone!





16 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Hi Christer!! I too am having worries on what to eat for the day. I am thinking meatballs but I do have salmon in the freezer too. I guess I will see what I feel like cooking. That’s the biggest dilemma! Your weather is getting better and better. We are gray and cloudy here (no complaints from me) but it seems like the biggest of the rains has missed us. But we are still going to get into the negatives overnight tonight. Love the pictures today!! Happy Easter!

    • Hi Dianna!
      Not so much worry to what to have today, more like if I’m going to have any dinner at all 🙂 I’m not really hungry so I might just have some quarg instead.

      Yes our weather is soo nice now and it will stay like this for a week at least they say and I’ll believe it when it happens 🙂 Can’t remember when we had such a long and warm spring before, nor as windy 🙂

      Minus degrees during nights here too but that’s ok as long as the days are warm 🙂 We are used to having frost during nights until the first week in June.

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Beautiful photos today. The light is glorious. I love the ones that make the newly budding trees look like autumn. Especially, I like the 7th photo. I’ve often thought that the new spring leaves are a faint echo of the colors they take in the autumn.
    That last bird looks like an American Robin. Is it a bullfinch?

    Is it just one lens that does that moireé thing? I wonder if it’s picking up motion in the fog layers or light waves or maybe alien communications. 🙂

    I had pickled herring once. It was okay but not something I would eat on a regular basis. The rest of the menu sounds good though.
    I wasn’t going to do anything on Easter but my brother invited me to his house so I’m going there. I’ll bring wine.

    It’s cool but sunny here today.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi caryn!

      There’s no better combination that sunlight and fog!

      I have no idea what kind of bird it is but I know it isn’t a Bullfinch. They are more brightly red and the head looks bigger on them. I didn’t come close enough to see how it really looked unfortunately because I did react to how it looked.
      Yes it’s only one lens and only when I take photos in morning light. I thought it was some dirt on the glass but I’ve cleaned it and it still does this 🙂 Looks cool though 🙂

      Pickled herring is unedible 🙂 It’s the same with cold smoked and pickled salmon 🙂 I just can’t understand how anyone can like it 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day and dinner at Your brothers!

  3. I don’t understand how you can have eggs without the Easter Bunny to bring them… 😉 I am certainly with you on the pickled herring, gaaack!

    Amazing pictures, each one is better than the one before.

    It is so interesting hearing your version of how the holiday is celebrated, especially the food traditions.

    Glad you had such a productive day, hope you have a very Hoppy Easter! 🙂

    • Hi Wendy!

      Kids here get big easter eggs in the morning and the hen that lay those must be quite big 🙂 The eggs are med from paper and I hope I can find a good photo of one until tomoorws post. No hare more that chocolate ones 🙂

      I forgot one thing though and I’ll write about that tomorrow. It’s something I really like but never made myself.

      The Easter have been great so far even without hopping 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. hi christer! i am right there with you on pickled fish of any kind! bleeeeck! it is hot and sunny here today. i worked in the garden until it got too hot so now i am done for the day! there is so much work to do! have a wonderful easter! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes how can anyone like that 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It never became too hot to work in the garden thankfully but it was when we were out walking. I was quite productive today since I also sowed lots of annuals, something I haven’t done in years 🙂

      Happy Easter!

  5. Hi Christer –
    It sounds like you enjoyed a very nice day. The photos are beautiful as always. The last one with the bird is my favorite and the frost on the little blue flowers has wonderful Spring color. I don’t like anything that is pickled since anything with a vinegar tastes awful to me. When I was a kid I my Dad liked to eat anchovies on crackers & I would eat those, but I doubt I would touch them now. Pancakes & ice cream is a new combination to me, but I will have to try it. I used to make Belgium waffles for dessert and top them with ice cream & it was delicious.

    My brother came to see me for Easter. I love that he stays in a nearby hotel so I don’t have bother getting the guest room ready. Which is a very good thing because that bedroom is crammed full of things I need to donate to charity or find somewhere else to store it. We are just going out to brunch Sunday morning & then he will drive the 3 hours back to his home in Washington State. The weather is supposed to be sunny which will be a nice change from the rain today. I almost finished reading Doctor Sleep last night, but I fell asleep about a dozen pages short of the ending. That is fine with me since it will given me something to look forward to tonight. I thought it was a quick & fun read, although it seem to lack much of the complexity that many of King’s novels have.

    When I was little, our family tradition was that the door bell would ring & that meant the Easter bunny had delivered out baskets filled with treats (the bunny was actually my oldest sister). When I was 6, I opened the door only to see the neighbors collie running away with the handle of my basket clutched firmly in his mouth. He never stopped & disappeared with all my candy. My brother & sister were mad at me because my Mom made them share their treats to make up for the stolen basket. Maybe I became more of a cat person because of what that bad dog did.

    I am going to spend this afternoon cutting out a new quilt I am making. The cutting of all the pieces is back-breaking work and will take a few days, but then I get to do the fun part of sewing it all together. I usually design my own patterns, but this time I bought one I really liked with stars in every shade of blue you could think of. Luckily, I have been collecting blue fabrics for years. I have always admired the beautiful style of quilts the Swedish quilters make. They often have white backgrounds & bright colors and lots of intricate applique. I believe they chose light & bright colors to contrast with the drab Winter colors.
    Happy Easter & enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Hi Ellen!

      I sure had a nice day yesterday and we’ll have just as wonderful day when it comes to the weather today 🙂 It’s up to me to make the day just as good otherwise. I usually like pickled vegetables but I’ve never liked it when it comes to fish or meat, then it’s just disgusting 🙂 anchovies has never been something we’ve eaten in my family but we have always eaten loads of either sardines or mackerel in tomatoe saus. We can have that to anyting I think. Waffles and european pancakes has almost the exact batter so if You like ice cream with waffles I’m pretty sure You will with ice cream too 🙂 I do prefer vanilla without anything in it.

      None of us in my family will meet this easter, that died out with my grandmother. We do what we can to avoid each other even though most of us really doesn’t dislike each other, we just don’t like each other enough if You understand what I mean.

      I do like Doctor Sleep and that fact that this one isn’t especially complicatedin its story, just straight forward. It didn’t scare me either because this was about a kind of people that I don’t belong to. His other books that have people like the rest of us are very scary though 🙂

      I can’t but laugh when reading about that dog 🙂 and I’m pretty sure that has much to do with why You like cats better.

      I’ve heard that quilts made in Sweden are very popular, I’ve met a woman that actually won one of the bigger quilt making contests in the USA. I was going to buy on from her but mislaid her mail address. It wasn’t especially expensive either but this was at a time when I didn’t even have money for food to myself, after I had closed my garden center. Well I might stumble on her again one day. I guess You might be right about the reason why they use a lot oflight and bright colors.

      Have a great day!

  6. Jaså, du gillar inte inlagd sill!? Det är ovanligt, men jag ska inte säga nått – jag gillar inte vitlök och det är i vartenda recept nu för tiden. .-( Tycker bara att det smakar unket…..tacka vet jag lite stark chili istället! 🙂
    Här har det varit ett helt fantastiskt sommarväder idag, + 18 och strålande sol och framförallt ingen vind. 🙂 🙂
    Så vi har både hunnit med att se Formula One kvalet, varit på två loppisar, köpt lite sommarblommor hos Jonas i När, handlat mat samt jobbat ett par timmar i trädgården. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Så nu börjar man bli lite seg så jag ska nog krypa till kojs!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jag tror att det är själva konsistensen på inlagd sill (och gravad eller kallrökt lax) jag inte gillar. De känns råa för mig och magen vänder sig när jag tar lite att äta av det. Men jag älskar vitlök och chili 🙂 Problemet med många är att de har i så mycket vitlök att de dödar all annan smak och då är det inget trevligt alls!

      16 grader kom vi upp i och nästan helt vindstilla 🙂 Riktigt skönt! I år har jag faktiskt sått ettåringar, något som inte hänt sedan jag vet inte när? 14 år sedan kanske? Skall blir riktigt spännande att se hur jag klarar av det, perenner och träd är så mycket enklare eftersom de ställs ut året runt 🙂

      Ha en fortsatt god påsk!

  7. Happy Easter to you too, Christer. We will be enjoying roast pork today with lots of roasted veggies and other foods as we are dining at Family member’s home. We also never eat oickled anything and certainky not herring. But that aasortment of foods sounds wuite wonderful. Lots of beautiful photos in this post and the lighting of early mornings were my favorites. And, of course, pancakes and ice cream sound perfect together!

    • Hi Beatrice!

      Roast pork is never wrong 🙂

      I like pickled vegetables, well not pickled mushrooms but all others. Pickled ,eat or fish howvere is just awful 🙂

      Pancakes and ice cream is the best 🙂

      Have a great day!

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