I should never have taken that nap!

There's one daffodil open just outside my cottage, we call them Easter lilies because they tend to flower around late Easters. It's also one of our bigger Easter symbols. Here it has company with two Lemon butterflies, the male is the more bright yellow and the female the one slightly more greenish.

There’s one daffodil open just outside my cottage, we call them Easter lilies because they tend to flower around late Easters. It’s also one of our bigger Easter symbols. Here it has company with two Lemon butterflies, the male is the more bright yellow and the female the one slightly more greenish.

It’s even warmer today but a nice breeze makes it feel a bit cooler, it didn’t even get down to below freezing last night so the hours I had the fire burning last evening was not a good thing, it was a bit too warm all night. Orvar had an upset stomach around three am and unfortunately he doesn’t understand the thing with poochie bells 🙂 The only one that does is Nova and she never needs to go outside in the middle of the night. Instead she uses them when she thinks I’m a bit slow when we’re going out for a walk 🙂 Orvar by the way is just fine again so I guess it just was something he had eaten.



Even the Forbidden Forest looked inviting this morning.

Even the Forbidden Forest looked inviting this morning.




We walked upstream the creek today and it was quite nice. We didn’t see any moose or hogs but we heard them running away as we came too close. I talked rather loud with the dogs because I really don’t want to be surprised by any of them again. I could see the tracks in the mud when we were turning homewards again. Two moose and several smaller hogs. 




The water is warm enough for the water plants to grow too.

The water is warm enough for the water plants to grow too.



I had my breakfast on the patio but the wind did make it a bit chilly so I had to wear a fleece sweater. Geese and swans were flying above my cottage and cranes over the field just beside it. A Goshawk flew straight through the garden, landed for a second in the apple tree and then continued its search for small birds. After that I checked some seeds that I’ve put in water during the night. Some seeds needs to be either sand papered or soaked in water before they are sown, how nature manages to survive by its own is a mystery to me 🙂 You know when they are ready because they sink and swell when it’s time to so them. Some might sink directly when You put them in water and those just need to swell before sowing. Only a few were ready to be sown this morning but I have al the time in the world to wait until they’re ready.







After that I took a nap and that’s something I shouldn’t have. I was a bit tired after cleaning up the floor in the middle of the night so I thought a short nap would do the trick. I did wake up after an hour and was only going to close the eyes for a short while. I woke up an hour later again and now I don’t seem to be able to really wake up 🙂 It feels like I’m half asleep even after weeding the flower beds 🙂 They say a nap only should last up to half an hour or it does just the opposite to what one wants and two hours does exactly that 🙂







It’s time for a pot of tea and then another walk, I do need to wake up properly otherwise I’ll go to bed to early tonight and this weekend  flies by too fast as it is anyway. I picked up my two tiny apricot trees and the mulberry tree yesterday and they have been standing outside during the night behind bubble wrap. The mulberry tree is actually flowering but I doubt I’ll get any berries this year unless any bumblebees finds their way in behind the wrap.  I’ll plant them all in the garden this year, the mulberry tree will cope but I think it might be the last year for those apricots though, unless we get another winter like the one we had this time and that is most unlikely.


Then we walked in to the forest. Mosse and hogs were running behind us and I'm glad they didn't feel like meeting us at all.

Then we walked in to the forest. Moose and hogs were running behind us and I’m glad they didn’t feel like meeting us at all.





I forgot to mention one thing people eat in the archipelago outside Gothenburg and north along the coast line. It isn’t typical easter food but something they have every big occasion, it’s called Äggost in Swedish and there is no name for it in English, at least not one I can find. If I translate the name directly it is Egg Cheese and it is just delicious if done right. I’ve never done it myself, just eaten it made of masters. It’s made from lots of eggs, lots of sour cream, even more milk and just a little sugar. One needs a special kind of baking pan, usually made from wood with lots of small holes in it so excessive liquid can run through it. I’ve only eaten it as a dessert but some have it for breakfast and even on sandwiches I’ve read. I love it when it is sprinkled with cinnamon and lots of blackberry jam 🙂 I’ll make one when I can find one of those baking pans, they are rare to find but I’ve heard they make them in plastic now days.







Have a good continuing of Easter.






12 thoughts on “I should never have taken that nap!

  1. hi christer! happy easter! it sounds like your day is going well! just this year a friend gave me the recipe for easter cheese. i had never heard of it before. i didn’t make it because i’m not sure if i would like it. i guess it is like a very thick custard. i am making a big easter brunch just now. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I can’t complain about much today 🙂 I even woke up during our walk 🙂

      I looked at some recipes of Easter cheese and they are very similar to our Egg cheese. I like it a lot but if it is too wet it’s just awful 🙂 It should be more like a cheese cake in its texture, if it is like thick custard it’s too moist. One needs the right kind of pan with lots of small holes in it so it really drains properly. If You can find one I think You might like the easter cheese.

      Enjoy Your brunch and have a good continuing of Easter!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Lots of lovely photos today. Maybe the Forbidden Forest was tying to make amends for past resentments. You should have given it a try just to see. 🙂
    There’s something kind of spooky about the idea of moose and hogs running behind you in the forest. I think I’d rather they were running ahead of me.

    Here’s a picture of my påskris. I found some neat, curvy walnut branches and a few maple branches that are about to flower. I ran out of steam on the decorations part so I stuck some flowers in. https://www.flickr.com/photos/meotzi/13924852986/

    I’m having Easter with my brothers, my sister-in-law and my other brother’s girlfriend. Should be fun.
    Enjoy the day and don’t nap anymore. 😀

    • Hi Caryn!

      I do like those photos of Rocky!

      It was a nice påskris even without decorations. The butterfly was a nice touch!

      I think the forbidden forest just wanted to lure me in so it could destroy me 🙂 It could have been the last thing I would have done in life 🙂

      No more napping but I am still rather tired to be honest. Have a great Easter!

  3. Hi Christer! Be careful of the Forbidden Forest that looks too inviting!! You never know what clever tricks it has in store!! We are having a rather pleasant Easter weather wise but later on it will cloud over and it is supposed to rain all night and tomorrow. We need things to dry up and not get more wet. It sounds like your breakfast on the patio was lovely! I can’t wait to drag out the patio furniture and sit outside. That’s the best! Have a good rest of the day!

    • HI Dianna!

      Yes I agree, never trust the Forbidden Forest.

      Fantastic weather all day here, even the evening is warm and nice. It will stay like this all week but the temperature will drop some they say.

      It was quite nice having breakfast on the patio, I’ve almost never had that because I’ve used the space for sowing and seedlings 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Oh, breakfast on the patio – that sounds like my idea of a perfect start to the day. Especially on Easter Sunday and with daffodils actually flowering at Easter for a change. Bonus!

    Your forest is really very primeval – it looks like something from a John Bauer book, even on a sunny day. But it’s nice to see that the wildflowers have begun to pop up to soften the look. Our woods are more oak, ash, beech, birch and linden, rather than conifers, so they aren’t as dark.

    That Äggost sounds intriguing. I’ve never heard of it, but that’s not a surprise as it seems to be a west coast speciality. Reading the ingredients, it sounds like a kind of cheesecake. I’m a bit wary of trying regional dishes after I went to visit some of my husband’s family in Österbotten and every house I went to insisted on serving me Leipäjuusto (Kaffeost in Swedish). It’s known in English as Finnish squeaky cheese. Trust me, if anyone offers you some – run away! 🙂

    It was a beautiful sunny day here today and I spent most of it in the garden, trying to stop the dog from rolling in the cow manure I was spreading and from digging up the seedlings I planted to(she wanted to get at the benmjöl I used to give them a head start). It looks as though it’s going to be a lovely week, so I’m happy.

    • Hi Marie!

      It was quite nice having breakfast there, I haven’t been able to do that in many years because I’ve used the space for sowiung, seedlings and plants 🙂
      Still that forest is just around 40-50 years old, this was open fields were animal graced too poor to grow anything on. But back in the days it used to be like Yours but that was over a century and a half ago.

      Yes äggost is much likme a cheese cake but still a bit different. It’s eaten mostly on the islands outside Gothenburg and in Bohuslän. But Joyce wrote about something called easter cheese and it’s very similar and that is eaten mostly in eastern Europe. I’ve heard of kaffeost and I promise I’ll stay away from it 🙂

      Too early to plant seedling here yet, normally we have night frost here until the first week in June. I’ll do that in May and try to cover them those nights they warm for frost. Dogs and benmjöl is no good combination if one want any plants to survive the week 🙂 🙂 🙂 Blodmjöl is another fun thing they just love 🙂

      Yes we’ll have this weather the entire week they say but it willl be cooler though.

      Have a great day!

  5. Nej – det är aldrig bra att sova för länge på dagen, man blir bara “däven” som dom sa förr! 😦
    Har aldrig ätit äggost, men det låter som om det liknar filbunke. Fast å andra sidan är det ju inga ägg i filbunke! *fniss* Men sånt går ju inte att få längre – om man inre känner någon som har ko förstås – i alla fall inte någon god. Det fanns att köpa för några år sen, men den smakade hemskt. 😦 😦
    Här är det storbruk på gång. Rolle har krattat, spettat, huggit, dragit och klippt bort rötter på yttertomten – och jag har sått gräs. 🙂 Men jag har inte bara gjort latmansjobbet, jag har flyttat en massa stora sten och cementplattor också! 🙂 🙂
    Men nu ska vi ge oss iväg ut och ta en prommis någonstans med Santos. Den stackarn har ju bara suttit på innertomten och glott på oss genom staketet. Som han i förrgår kröp under och tog sig till oss (därför stenbärning). 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Ja, man vaknar liksom inte till igen.

      Nä, äggost är mer åt ostkake hållet, filbunken har en lite annan konsistens. God filbunke är svårt att få tag i numera, då måste man nog göra den självc men det har jag aldrig gjort.

      Själv har jag flyttat lite plantor idag och rensat bort lite gräs och ogräs. Tar det i maklig takt så jag hinner njuta av det fantastiska vädret också 🙂

      Vi blir nog hemma resten av dagen, vi har tagit lite för långa promenader så Hectors ben gör ont på honom. Men bara det att de kan gå ut och in från trädgården som de vill är ju perfekt för dem 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  6. What fantastic pictures, Christer! As you can see, I am still catching up..I was wondering, do you ever hear wild animals prowling around your cottage at night? I would think you would.

    • Hi Mona!

      Yes I have. A fox walks through my garden every night and a badger usually do too. Sometimes cranes walks around here too and I always know when because they do make an awful lot of noise 🙂 🙂 and all the deers of course!

      Have a great day!

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