My favorite kind of morning.

Around 4:30 this morning.

Around 4:30 this morning.

So were we lucky yesterday evening? No we weren’t 🙂 But it took just half an hour to straighten out a slight misunderstanding on what certain action would do instead of what the person thought it would do 🙂 The question whether the road leaned towards one or the other direction at a certain stretch could not be solved even if it had been measured with a laser 🙂 So we left that topic after just ten fifteen minutes. But it could have been worse to be honest and I came home relatively early. I’m not the one for the small talk after the meeting so I guess I came home much earlier than the others.






I woke up, or was woken up by my dogs at 4:30 and found a world hidden in thick fog, my favorite kind of morning and decided it would be nice to take our morning walk as soon as I actually felt awake 🙂 It’s quite light outside by that time now and one never knows for how long the fog will stay. Especially since we won’t get any rain today and even get some sunshine again. It was a bit chilly and the temperature had dropped to 0C (32F) for just a few seconds before it slowly started to rise again.



Those two never stay angry at each other for any longer period of time. This is just after the fight they had.

Those two never stay angry at each other for any longer period of time. This is just after the fight they had.



I had moved out all my dahlias yesterday evening but covered them with some layers of thin nonwoven cloth. I haven’t checked on them yet but they should be ok, I hope 🙂 Anyway, we started walking in towards the village and suddenly we had two cats following us. Teodor and Bertil had just been fighting but they never stay angry for any longer period of time. Teodor stopped by the mailboxes, around 150 meters (much the same in yards) and I knew Bertil would follow us half the way and then turn back home again. To my big surprise he followed us all the way today. 






Nobody else was up and about at that time so I guess there was nothing going on that could scare him I guess. The big horses half way home were a bit scary though because they came running to greet us and since everything else was quiet that sound became rather loud 🙂 All birds sang of course and the Cuckoo bird arrived a few days ago. It’s very important from what direction one hear the Cuckoo bird the first time in spring, according to Swedish folklore. If one hear it from north the summer will be dry, from south someone will die, from east one will get comforted but it’s best from west. That all rimes in Swedish and sound much better 🙂 I heard it from west the first time so this will be a great summer according to the Cuckoo bird 🙂


Half way round the village and he's still with us. But a bit unsecure as You can see.

Half way round the village and he’s still with us. But a bit unsecure as You can see.




The sun has begun to shine and the clouds are breaking up there in the sky. I think it’s time to finish that pot of tea I have by my side and them go outside to see if those dahlias has managed to go through the night without being damaged by the cold night. 



Too bad that most of the fog was gone by the time we reached the old tombs. I've always thought tombs and fog goes together so well.

Too bad that most of the fog was gone by the time we reached the old tombs. I’ve always thought tombs and fog goes together so well.



Have a great day!





My favorite bird, the European Jackdaw.

My favorite bird, the European Jackdaw.


12 thoughts on “My favorite kind of morning.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Sometimes my female cats would have “discussions” that involved teeth and claws. I figured it was because one of them got uppity and the other one had to do a smack down. They would be fine again in a few minutes.

    Beautiful shots of the horses. I so want to braid that bay horse’s mane and forelock. He must be very comfortable in bug season though. Lots of fly whisks at all ends. 🙂

    I love the rainy spider web shots. I have such a hard time with them because my camera wants to focus on stuff in the background. If I turn off the autofocus on both the camera and the lens, it works better but then I have to rely on focusing my old eyes which is not always easy either. 🙂

    It’s cloudy but pleasant right now. It’s supposed to clear up later in the day and maybe get into the high 70’s F by tomorrow. Maybe even 80F. We shall see.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I don’t know why these two have their moments but I guess it’s the same reason for them 🙂

      The owner of that horse hate braids and got furious when a neighbord braided that mane without asking first 🙂 🙂 But he is free from flies in his eyes during summer 🙂

      It’s actually morning dew, something we have a lot of even the dryest summers here. But I was surprised to see that kind of spider web this early in the season,they usually don’t show up until after midsummer. I don’t have autofocus with this lens so I must trust my eyes 🙂 the glasses I have makes it very difficult to focus so I just take the photo when it looks as most clear even if it actually often look very strange 🙂

      The sun has actually shined almost the entire day here and since there’s almost no wind the day has been rather wonderful. Tomorrow the rain will return though.

      Have a great day!

  2. you really captured some great images today, the spider webs are amazing, I am so glad the cuckoo called from the correct direction for a good summer and that no one must die! I though my cats were strange for following me on my walks but I see they were not, lol!!!

    • Hi Laurie!

      Fog makes it so easy 🙂

      I have been lucky all these years I’ve been living here, I’ve always heard the first cuckoo from west 🙂 Thankfully I’m not superstitious so I wouldn’t have mind hearing it from south either 🙂

      He is odd that cat of mine and I do like him despite his nasty personality. That doesn’t mean I won’t toss him out the cottage when he is too nasty 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. UNDERBARA bilder och när jag ser fotona på hästarna så blir jag vansinnigt ridsugen. 🙂 Red massor som ung – som alla unga tjejer – men började återigen att rida som vuxen. Älskar det, men jag hade en bit att åka till ridskolan och det var bara jag som red. Alltså inget sällskap mörka vinterkvällar, inte så kul! 😦
    Fast jag “lurade” Rolle och ett gäng raceförare att göra en ridutflykt när vi bodde på High Chaparall inför ett bilrace. Vi fick rida fritt i skogen och det var en av dom underbaraste ritter jag gjort. Fast hälften av killarna red hem efter halva tiden (bl.a. gubben min, som red på en fjordling som gjorde som han ville). Men två döttrar till en förare och jag red vidare tillsammans med instruktören – på mustanger! Helt fantastiskt!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jag måste erkänna att jag inte är så förtjust i hästar men vackra det är de. Det är alltid roligast att göra sådana aktiviteter i grupp.

      Mustanger är väl inte sådär jättevanliga här? Såg ett program om dem häromdagen där man tämjde även gamla viltinfångade mustanger så att de slapp bli hundmat eller än värre bara dödade och uppeldade. Det var ett riktigt intressant program!

      Ha det gott!

  4. You are right! Days are becomming longer. It used to be dark by 5PM but no more. In some ways I welcome summer. Without summer…I couldn’t look forward to Fall so much. 🙂 You are right Bertil looks a bit stressed..probably further out of his territory than it is usual for him to go?? You can see by Teodor’s body language that he is well past being angry. I had to laugh at how “casual” they both were behaving…as though nothing at all had happened. I can hear them saying “Why…we weren’t fighting…we were just having a ..discussion!” ::) I love cats. Wish I had one. Maybe one day but at my age..probably not a great idea.
    Take care, Christer. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Hi Mona!

      The sun won’t go down untyil 9:20 pm now so it’slight outside until long after 10 pm and it is up already at 4:50am so it’s light outside long before that 🙂 But as my aunt said to me yesterday, it turns again in a month.

      Yes this was new territory for Bertil and those horses made an awful lot of sound since they came running towards us 🙂

      Yes those two can have their fights just to be best friends seconds after the fight is over 🙂 I’m a dog person but cvats are good to have around the home so they keep controll of the ridents 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer! Wow, those photos today are LOVELY. I love walking around in fog. We don’t get it much around here, but a treat when we do. We actually reached up to 22 degrees today!!!! Can you believe it? It is going to start raining tomorrow, last a couple of days and then get chilly again. We spent all day outside and I got a bit of a sunburn. Such a busy day. Now just taking it easy and watching the birds play at the feeder. Have a great Sunday!

    • Hi Dianna!

      I’m glad You like them 🙂

      I do like fog as long as I don’t have to drive around in it 🙂 We used to have lots of fog here and sometimes it was so thick that I missed the road I had to turn in to so I could get to work 🙂 🙂 🙂 But now days we don’t have it as often.

      22! Summer temperatures 🙂 It’s a bit on the cool side here still. We all fear we had our summer in April this year and that the rest of it will be cold and rainy. That has happened before I’m afraid.

      Have a great day!

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