A bit too early!

I guess they won't haver any cattle in this pasture this year. Yesterday cattle walked around here and today most of the field was plowed.

I guess they won’t have any cattle in this pasture this year. Yesterday cattle walked around here and today most of the field was plowed.

I woke up this morning, or should I say night at three am. two military cargo planes flew just above my cottage and I just can’t understand why they have to fly so low because they still have very far to fly before they each the military airport. The entire cottage is trembling every time they come here and the sound in an otherwise very silent night is very loud. They passed this afternoon again so I guess they have plenty to do. I’m a bit tired now because I couldn’t fall asleep again after they had passed.



Most wildflowers looking like this seems to have mustard as a part of their names. I have no idea what this is but mustard is most likely a part of the name.

Most wildflowers looking like this seems to have mustard as a part of their names. I have no idea what this is but mustard is most likely a part of the name.



I had decided to buy a new water-lily on my way home today, the one I had is dead and it’s my fault because I had forgotten it when I placed it in a flower bed so most of the water would drop off from it. I’m pretty sure it would have managed the cold weather but it didn’t survive to dry out totally 🙂 So off to a garden center I went and this time I bought a  white one, the previous was red. I walked around and looked at all the plants they were selling and I have been planning on buying a plum tree too this year. But they didn’t have any variety I would want and the ones they had weren’t hardy enough. But then I saw it.


Yes we went down to the creek today. It was so warm and no wind, just too much for the big boys since they still have their winter fur on. The area close to the creek is shady and much cooler.

Yes we went down to the creek today. It was so warm and no wind, just too much for the big boys since they still have their winter fur on. The area close to the creek is shady and much cooler.




They had a variety of peach that is hardy enough and reasonable resistant towards Peach leaf curl. It’s called Riga and will eventually give peaches with white pulp and I’ve heard it tastes delicious. Normally I think the ones with white pulp tastes less but I’ll know better when that day comes. I’ve checked the top soil for slug eggs and so far it looks good, now I’ll need to check the rest of the soil beneath the roots and after that I’ll place the tree in quarantine for a while. I really, really don’t want those slugs here even if I know they will come sooner or later.






It was a bit expensive though, 599 Swedish kronor which is around $ 93 US. So we’ll probably get the worst winter in ages this year with my luck so the tree dies 🙂 Now I need to find a place to plant it on too. Up here in the north it’s best if the morning sun doesn’t reach the tree in early spring, they tend to wake up too early then and get damaged since the ground still is frozen and it can’t get any water. The bark can also burst open so the tree bleeds to death and if it should survive bacteria gets beneath the bark and kills it anyway 🙂 Still a peach needs lots of sunshine so it can be a bit tricky to find the right place 🙂





The sun has been shining most parts of the day and it’s almost summer warm here. For You living fairly south in the USA our summer temperatures most likely is like Your spring temperatures 🙂 It’s around 20C -25C (68F -77F) We occasionally get it warmer but normally just a few days. Last summer was the exception to the rule when it was much warmer for almost the entire summer. I long for a summer like that again but it will most likely not happen in ten years or so 🙂



Planes like these passed over my cottage during the night and I can hear some passing right now. I'm not sure why but the army, navy and airforce have been much more active since the Russians decided they should decide over countries close to them.

Planes like these passed over my cottage during the night and I can hear some passing right now. I’m not sure why but the army, navy and airforce have been much more active since the Russians decided they should decide over countries close to them.

My new peach tree.

My new peach tree.


It’s time to give both my dogs and myself something to eat, none of us have had any food since 5 am this morning. 

Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “A bit too early!

    • Hi Laurie!

      It’sespecially trees belonging to Prunus, cherry trees, that is a bit fragile to early spring sunshine but even apples can bleed to death sometimes. It’s not unusual to see trees in orchards here that has white painted stems so that the heat never reach the stem in early spring.

      Have a great day!

  1. Vilket otroligt fint persikoträd, det var faktiskt inte dyrt alls! Har sett mindre som kostat mer!! 😦
    Har inget själv, men min väninna har två. Ett är några år gammalt och har burit frukt, det andra tog vi med oss till henne från Öland för en månad sen. Vet dock inte vilka namnsorter det är….. 🙂
    Idag är vi äntligen klara med allt runt den nymonterade poolen och håller på att fylla den med vatten. Det är några små detaljer kvar, men Pooljohnny kommer i morgon och fixar det, sen ska han äta “taklagslunch” med oss. Blev faktiskt riktigt snyggt – om man får säga så om nått man planerat själv!? 🙂 🙂
    Idag har jag därför planterat det sista (just nu i alla fall) som ska växa i krukor på altanen. Det blev – förutom alla sommarblommor – en massa chili, paprika och tomater. Var hos vänner igår som hade så många plantor att dom skulle slänga dom på komposten trots att dom har två (!) växthus. Och det kan man ju inte låta hända…..*fniss*

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Sant, det är riktigt fint men om man jämför med andra fruktträn så var det lite i överkant. Men vill man ha persikor får man betala 🙂

      Visst får man såga så när man designat det hela själv! Speciellt då tycker jag! Så kul att det äntligen är färdigt och tänk så ni kan njuta där nu varma sommardagar 🙂

      Sådana vänner, var hittar man dem 🙂 🙂 🙂 Jag hade gjort precis som du där 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. HI Christer,
    I have had white peaches before. They’re fine if they are ripe. But even if they are tasteless, if you put them in a pie with the proper spices or bake them with streusel topping and then put ice cream on the warm product when you eat it, you won’t care. 🙂
    You’ve said there is no predator for the Spanish slug but aren’t there any slug specific pesticides that will kill it off? I’m told chickens can be trained to eat ticks. Maybe you could train some to eat Spanish slugs? Just a thought.

    I just finished digging and seeding two patches in bare earth in my very shady back yard. I dug one patch with the hand tiller so it’s tilled deeply. The other patch I just used a claw rake and scraped it back and forth to loosen the soil. Both have fertilizer. I’ll see which one does better. The tilled one is under the maple tree and the other one is under the black walnut which has more filtered light. Should be interesting. If I get good enough results from the scraped one, that’s what I’ll do for the rest because the hand tiller is brutal on my back.

    It’s 63ºF and humid today. Cloudy with bits of sun. Supposedly it’s going to rain. I hope so. I won’t have to water all those patches of grass if it rains.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I laughed out loud when reading that about the pie 🙂 🙂

      The problem with these slugs is that they are so slimy that no animal that tried it once will ever try it again. The slime sticks so good so it doesn’t even come off with the strongest soap or washing detergent. There is however some places that have starlings that spend late autumn and winter in Spain and they know how to do it. Fly up in the air with the slug and drop it from a high altitude so it bursts when it hits the ground. Then they eat everything but the skin. Unfortunately no Swedish bird seems to get it though.

      I don’t think You need anything else than the claw rake. Just so the ground gets a bit roughed up so the grass roots more easily can grow downwards.

      I hope You’ll get that rain and I hope the predictions for us with sunshine and warm weather are right too 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Good luck with your peach tree! I planted several trees last year (ok 3) and I think one was a plum and another a peach? Or maybe it was a pear? Hmmm 😉

  4. Christer,
    I am really bad. I just put the plant or tree wherever I have room. I never give a thought to the right spot, but I am lucky. Few things die on me. The lilacs are now in bloom and they are a lovely deep purple. I need to buy my plants but that won’t be until next week.

    We have had really warm days the last few. I think we reached 70 yesterday, but the ocean is still only 50˚ so the summer will come slowly. Today I have windows open up and down stairs. It smells so nice to have some fresh air.

    I haven’t ever grown fruit trees, never really gave it a thought. I hope yours grows tall and healthy!

    Have a great evening!!

    • Hi Kat!

      That works great with most trees but up here in the north the sun can start shining and make trees warm long before there’s any water in the ground. Well there’s lots of water but it’s frozen 🙂 I don’t think You living so much more south have especially much problems with that.

      My lilacs have lots of buds but I’m guessing it still will take one or two weeks before they open up, it all depends on how warm the coming week will be. I really don’t need more plants because I have loads of seedlings just waiting to be planted 🙂

      Some places will reach up to 75 today and they say it will stay warm next week but we’ll get plenty bof rain too,the mosquito heaven 🙂

      I am more and more going towards trees that I both can enjoy because they are pretty and that I’ll get something from to enjoy foodwise too 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. hi christer! i had a peach tree next to my house by my driveway for 15 years. it gave me many very small peaches and i worked tirelessly to can them each year. i got so tired of doing that and we never ate many of them that i finally cut it down. i never looked back! i was glad it was gone! i think i might buy a columnar one if my other new trees work out well this summer. i went to a new garden shop today and it is the best one in the area. i came home with my car loaded with new plants! i will post them soon! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I remember when You wrote about the last time You canned peaches 🙂 I love peaches (well I like nectarines more but they aren’t especially hardy) but only two varieties are hardy enough to make it here. I doubt I’ll get lots of fruit but I hope that I at least will get some or at least that the tree will survive 🙂 I didn’t know there was columnar peaches, I have seen dwarf peaches though.

      I still haven’t gone to my favorite plant shop but the one I was at is very good too. I grow most of what I want from scratch here at home just because of that spanish slug. Does save lots of money but may take years until I finally can say they are big enough to look anythig good 🙂

      Looking forward to those photos 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Hi Christer! There has been some activity here as well. HUGE transport planes..more than usual..but I doubt it has anything to do with Russia. They do make me nervous though. I was raising my babies during the “cold war” and the memory of living in fear and wondering what to do in case there was a huge “flash of light” outside. I hope we don’t have to go through that again. Lots of talk about Korea etc. and missiles.
    There is always so much to look at in your pictures of the countryside. So much detail. Sometimes things look very spooky and I can see why there is so much folklore. I just planted a little orange tree. I keep planting them and have no idea if I will ever see the tree’s full grown. Just being realistic..but I hate thinking like that. 🙂

    • Hi Mona!

      I talked with a neighbor and he thought it was our troops that have been in Afghanistan that were coming home in those planes. Our mission is at an end there now so it does make sence and they always go to the military airport not too far away from here.

      We knew we all would die if anything happened during the cold war 🙂 But not from any hits from atomic bombs but from radiation instead. So we could only hope for the best and many of us read the fantastic book On the Beach by Neville Shute, if You haven’t read it do because even if it is very sad it still is fantastic.

      Yes we never know about that maniac in North Korea but I think it’s mostly just talk from his side. We have a saying here that goes Empty barrels sound the most and that fits perfect on him.

      I’m glad You like my photos and our nature do create those old tales. Some of the beings are really nasty if offending them and the water numphs are alsway nasty but most of them can be quite nice, especially if one once helped them with something.

      I want an orange tree in my garden too 🙂 Well I have a lime tree and another citrus tree called Calamodine out there right now but they need to go indoors during winter. All true gardeners think like You do 🙂 and I’m pretty sure You’ll get plenty of oranges soon enough 🙂

      Have a great day!


  7. Hi Christer! This morning was one of the first that we didn’t have below freezing during the night. This weekend is a long weekend for us, seeing Monday off. I plan to be in the gardens for most of it. Good luck with your peach tree. We can only have apple trees here, one kiwi the scientists have created to survive our winters and crabapples. We can do grapes too. No too much!! However, I hope you are rested now, perhaps taking in a nap or two? 🙂 Its early morning here (almost 8 o’clock) so I am waiting to me to wake up fully then I will head outside. Have a good day!

    • Hi Dianna!

      It is nice those first mornings when it is above freezing point 🙂

      We still have one more normal week and after that we’ll have two short ones again 🙂

      What climate zone do You live in? here is from 4a to 5a (well our zones are different but it’s more or less like that). Just enough for that peach to survive. I have Frost or River grape in my garden but the flowers never get pollinated for saome reason. The bumblebees are there but nothing happens. I don’t know what I do wrong because it should thrive here. It grows like crazy though 🙂

      No time for naps as You can read in toadys post 🙂
      We were up already at five this morning 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Hi Christer!!!! We are zone 3a (or b depending on which garden centre you speak with) so we are very limited with growing. And our season is so short – we could still get frost in June and as early as the end of August. But I am hoping Mother Nature is kind to us this year – we had such a harsh, brutal long lasting winter I hope we don’t see cold and snow until December!!! Today I am planting leeks, cucumbers, pumpkins and some potatoes. I bought two potato bags so it saves room in your garden for other things and these can sit on the deck. I hope it works! We bought mushroom compost for the gardens and these bags.

      • So even harsher than here then. We have the Gulf Stream to thank for a milder climate than we otherwise would have. We too can have frost in June but it doesn’t return until late first week in September. I think the big difference between our climate zones are that Your winter is even worse than ours usually are. This winter was unusually mild and that actually killed a lot of plants 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I sometimes plant potatoes in pots and I’ll do that later today 🙂 I’ll put the pots close to the cottage wall and that’s usually enough to keepmeventual frost away this late in spring. No mushrooms this year though, I’ll have topick them in the forest instead 🙂


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