Calves were walking on the road.


It’s a really nice day here, just enough warm even if the sun more or less constantly is covered by thin see through clouds and almost no wind tp speak of. Birds are singing and there’s a constant background sound from buzzing insects. Every now and agin I hear a very deep and loud buzzing, like the jet plane of insects and that’s when a hornet pass by. I like hornet, kind giants really and they rather flee than fight but I remember that I got a bit scared the first time I saw one, both because its reputation of being extremely angry and poisonous too. Both things actually very wrong, the are very friendly and their poison is actually weaker than other wasps have.




No one lives in the property where these cherries are growing, perhaps I should walk there one dark evening to get some :-) I guess the birds will have taken them long before they ripe anyway.

No one lives in the property where these cherries are growing, perhaps I should walk there one dark evening to get some 🙂 I guess the birds will have taken them long before they ripe anyway.


I was only going to have two things when I went to the grocery store yesterday after work, not so hard to remember is it? Nothing else, just cat food and toilet paper. So naturally I drove home without buying any of them. Lots of other things though 🙂 So early this morning I drove to the grocery store in Gudhem. I had just left the village when I met some calves on the road and more were on their way out there. I knew it was the Castle owning them so I drove there immediately. I knocked on the door to the castle (why on earth can’t they get a door bell, the building id giant!) but got no answer, I did hear people working in there so I opened the door and shouted Hello! I got a hello back but nothing more.






So I went in and walked three stores up, the castle is being restored so all rooms were empty and it was actually looking as if they were tearing it down from the inside out 🙂 Finally I met some people and they turned out to be the renovators. None could Swedish but one could at least understand what I wanted when I talked to him in English. I guess they are polish workers, it’s very popular to bring in polish workers now days because they are much cheaper. It isn’t unusual that they get only half of what Swedish workers would get paid but still that’s much more than they would get in Poland. In the long run this forces swedish workers to lower their prices and in the long run we’ll be a low-income country with lots of poor people!



One of the biggest tombs in the village, I wonder if it's for one person or many.

One of the biggest tombs in the village, I wonder if it’s for one person or many.

The ones in this size must be for one I guess.

The ones in this size must be for one I guess.

This one is big too, could be for one important person I guess.

This one is big too, could be for one important person I guess.


Anyway they couldn’t help me so I drove to another place where the castle owners have one of his many businesses. There I met another man who spoke enough Swedish to understand that the calves were running around on the road so he called the head of the farming business so I could talk to him. I have absolutely nothing against us having people from abroad working here as long as they have the same pay as the rest of us. They are usually really good on what they are doing and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone complaining about the result, something I often do when it comes to swedish workers though.




Teodor was enjoying the sunlight when we came home again.

Teodor was enjoying the sunlight when we came home again.


My dogs just woke me up from a nice nap just so they could go back to napping themselves. I’m boiling rice at the moment and later on I’ll boil some fish, Orvar has a bad stomach and he farts really bad and it’s hard to clean up after him in the garden, so I’m rather glad I mowed that lawn yesterday 🙂 I’ll most likely replant the tomatoes later today, it’s still too early to place them outdoors though, it fell to -2C (28,4F) for a few seconds this morning. Most plants can take frost in the autumn after a long summer but not at all in spring. I’ll most likely water some in the garden too because the ground is very dry. I still hope that rain will stay away since that’s the only weapon we have against all those biting insects and those annoying forest flies. A drought will lower their numbers considerable 🙂


Bjurums Castle from a distance.

Bjurums Castle from a distance.

I took a photo close up too since I actually went inside too. No photos from the inside though, that I only would do with permission and since they are restoring the castle it looked like there was a war going on in there.

I took a photo close up too since I actually went inside too. No photos from the inside though, that I only would do with permission and since they are restoring the castle it looked like there was a war going on in there.

The church and the old village school is close to the lake though.

The church and the old village school is close to the lake though.


It’s time to pour some tea from that pot I just made. After that I think we’ll take another walk perhaps down to the creek on the field side. They have started the repairs on the road where I fell down that sink hole 🙂 Last time I was there they had started pouring down sand around those concrete pipes but I’m not sure if they have continued doing so or just left the road as it is. 



This is what the creek look like down by tghe lake. It's not much of a lake  to be honest, it's a huge mud hole :-)

This is what the creek look like down by tghe lake. It’s not much of a lake to be honest, it’s a huge mud hole 🙂





Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Calves were walking on the road.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Why are your animals so much more refined than ours? Your squirrels are shy and retiring. Your hornets are polite. Must be something in the air and water here that makes our native animals (and us) so aggressive. Could be worse, though. Everything could be poisonous, like Australia. 🙂 Just kidding.

    Your saga of the calves on the road reminds me of the time someone drove into my barn owner’s yard and informed me that “my” cow was wandering down the road and someone should do something because it was scared and was going to get hurt. Then he drove off. The barn owner wasn’t home. My horse was alone in the paddock and might be upset if I left. What to do? I took a chance and drove down the road a bit. No cow. My horse was peacefully munching grass when I returned so I decided to walk to the upper fields and check. Aha! Cow! Nope. Bull. Oh oh.
    Well, the guy that drove in had been driving a spiffy pick up truck and he was wearing a cowboy hat. That should have clued me that he couldn’t tell cow from bull. A local farmer would have a crappy truck and a baseball hat with a tractor on it. He would have known whose bull it was, where it was supposed to be and he would have put it back himself.
    I managed to herd Bull down to the pasture gate but it was fastened shut with a huge rope that had been tied in a million knots. The lane was very narrow but I was seriously thinking I could probably get in beside Bull and untie it (yeah, right) when Bull decided to jump over the gate. Yay! Problem solved. 🙂

    Hope they got the calves out of the roadway.

    It’s murky here today. So far anyway. It’s still early morning. We had rain last night so I guess I won’t have to water the grasslings today. They are all doing well.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Don’t forget our badgers, they are truly nice and is said to be wonderful pets, if neutered that is becxause they smnall so bad otherwise 🙂 I have been thinking the same thing, why are most of our animals less aggressive? People however are not, here the audience kill each other on soccer games or after. We tend to start wars that the US has to stop and the nazis are growing in numbers again. No wonder I like animals better than humans 🙂

      Yes the fancier car and clothes the person has the more likely it’s a city person 🙂 🙂 🙂 At least he guessed on the right species 🙂 Young bulls jump the fence here too, two years ago we had a yopung highland cattlöe bull that just refused to stay in the pasture, he was kind though and didn’t mind us going close to him on our walks. I’ve tried to herd a bunch of cows but they just didn’t care, they knew I was a city person 🙂 🙂

      Yes the calves was gone from the road and in the pasture again when I returned.

      Thunder nearby right now and I can’t tell if it is going this way or not. It’s very calm though, not as aggressive as last time thankfully.
      I’m glad that grass grows well!

      Have a great day!

  2. that is a beautiful castle, are they restoring it a s a historical site or for personal use? It was very good of you to go to such lengths to remove the calves from the road,

    • Hi Laurie!

      It is and I saw lots of castles like that down in France when I went there to visit my brother when he lived there. They are restoring it for personal use from what I know. It will take plenty of time and loads of money 🙂

      No one of us wants to hit a calf so we usually drive around until wefind who’s owning the animals 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Snyggt slott – du får väl gå dit och hälsa på när det är klart inuti så man får se några interiörbilder! 🙂
    Här har vi ÄNTLIGEN fått lite regn, det kom “hela” 5 mm igår och inatt, men nu skiner solen igen. I förrgår var jag dock tvungen att vattna alla mina nyplanterad träd i “parken” med slang (4 ihopkopplade för att nå ut) halva dagen. Det både blåste och var soligt och kallt, ett hemskt väder för växter.
    Nyss planterade jag ett syrenträd som jag fått efter att ha reklamerat det jag köpte förra året. Det var den absolut dyraste sorten (720:-) och såg egentligen rätt dåligt ut redan då. Men det var den sista så jag mitt dumma nöt köpte det ändå. (Hur dum får man vara!?)
    I år såg det förskräckligt ut så jag klagade – och eftersom jag är en bra kund så fick jag ett nytt direkt. Alltså utan att visa kvitto och lämna tillbaka det fula. Sen åkte jag hem och klippte ner det och flyttade det, så kanske har jag om några år två vackra syrenträd med mörkt lila blommor! *fniss*

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det kommer att ta många år och antagligen miljoner kronor tills det är klart 🙂

      Men visst gör man så, man köper det där trädet som ser lite veset ut bara för att man vill ha det och inte vill vänta ett år till 🙂 Men det var ju bra att du kunde reklamera det utan problem! Oftast vill man inte ha tillbaka det dåliga, hellre då att kunden får pröva om de kan få liv i det igen 🙂

      Åska i området just nu, men jag kan för mitt liv inte säga hur det vandrar. Så jag håller mig inne om ut i fall att. Här är riktigt torrt men jag hoppas regnet håller sig borta, hellre vattnar jag (fast jag behöver bara två ihopkopplade slangar) hela sommaren, bara alla flugor dör 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hornets. Well, I don’t want to judge all of them by just one..however I do just that! I was stung on the foot when I was about four and haven’t forgotten how my foot swelled to the size of a football! No, I wasn’t near their nest, I was in my own little sleeping loft in a log cabin in the forest and it came through an open window and stung me while I was sleeping on my bed. so..I stay clear of them. I am probably being judgemental here..but better safe than sorry!
    Ovar. Well..sounds like a rather typical guy to me! 🙂 Wonder what he is eating when you aren’t looking? :):)
    I love looking at houses and castles even more!!
    Have a great day, Christer!
    p.s. ….about those cherries. Were it me, I would take a chance and keep watch and try to get those cherries before the birds eat all of them. ,,,but that’s just “cherry lovin’ ” me!

    • Hi Mona!

      I love cherries so I think that’s what I’ll do 🙂 🙂

      I guess all hornets can’t be good ones 🙂 But my experiense with ground-dwelling wasps are not the best ones 🙂 They are truky aggressive and attack just because they like it! Those are the only ones I never feel sorry for killing 🙂 🙂 🙂 But I think we all love bumblebees, don’t we 🙂

      There isn’t a thing, edible or not, that Orvar doesn’t eat 🙂 Yesterday I found him eating soil from the ground and I guess that might be part of why his stomach is like it is 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer! That is some castle! Good thing you found someone to take care of those calves, otherwise that could have ended very, very badly! Isnt’ Teodor cute sitting in the sun? We have a ginger cat that looks similar to him, ours is female and her name is Sage. She looks very wise, but really isn’t! She’s a bit thick but we love her just the same. I was in my gardens for most of the day. It didn’t get quite as hot as the other day – a pleasant 26 celcius. But the sun is powerful and everything needs water. Of course they keep predicting rain but it never happens. Of course! Your dessert sounded delicious! I took go to that to make because I am rubbish at crusts! The mosquitoes are out in full force and its not even dusk yet. They must be hungry! 🙂 We are starting our dinner now – we are havaing a BBQ. Might as well take full advantage of the weather! Happy evening!

    • Hi Dianna!

      I guess I wasn’t the only one conserned about those calves there were a few other cars around and one stopped by the calves.

      Hes is the nicest cat but like Your Sage perhaps not the brightest star in the sky 🙂
      No rain yesterday but the thunder passed up on the mountain. This morning (my dogs woke me up at 4:30) seems to be a bit foggy, I doubt it’l stasy long enough so I can get any good photos though.

      Breakfast time here, I might have it outdoors if the fog goes away, as You say, better take full advantage of the nice weather because one never knows for how long it stays 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Love this post!
    so many photos of animals! LOL!
    Such a cool castle.
    I guess it’s the same here, America hires people from Mexico, and I guess are able to pay them less because their are illegally here? I’m not sure how that happens but it does. I know that the next town over has a very large Hispanic population now. Any place you call or go they ask you “Spanish or English?” It makes some people angry because other nationalities learned English when they came to this country. It’s a big debate.
    great post.

    • Hi Cindi!

      It is a nice building but It was built on many poor peoples blood and sweat. The nobility lived in luxury while the peasants around them died of starvation, so I really don’t like castles. But I’ll admit that it is beautiful 🙂

      Anyone within the EU have the right to work anywhere within the Eu so I’m not complaining about that but I do complain about people giving them less pay than they deserv and that also helps to lower the prices on the jobs people living here in Sweden are doing until they can’t survive on what they earn even if they have loads to do. I also don’t mind if they speak any language I can talk 🙂 My french is very rusty and so is my german but I do manage on my english 🙂

      Have a great day!

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