June sixth.


I woke up at 3am and felt totally refreshed. The day was just turning light and I was thinking for a while if I should try to go back to sleep but then I thought I just as well could take a nap later in the day instead. So up we went and the dogs looked like they had prefered to stay in bed 🙂 The cats didn’t mind being able to go inside though, it looked like they had been waiting out there for quite some time. But they never stay indoors for long this time of year, they just came inside, complained about the food bowl being empty, ate the new food they got and went outside again.







We went out for our walk as soon as the sun rose and to my surprise it was foggy. I hadn’t seen that when I opened the door to let out the dogs and in the cats. It actually felt warmer then even if the thermometer says otherwise then because there was no wind blowing as it does now. Well I am a bit tired still after the nap I just woke up from so that might have something to do with it. The birds were singing and I could hear a rooster some kilometers away (some miles) and I know this because we don’t have that many roosters around any more 🙂 It was absolutely quiet beside the bird song, no traffic or other human made sounds could be heard. It was just my dogs and me awake. 







It’s much the same now but I think it’s the wind that sort of rinse away all other sounds but the bird songs. I’m a bit hungry because all I’ve had to eat so far is cherries, I bought half a kilo (around a pound) the other day and I tried to save some for the weekend. Normally when I start eating cherries I won’t stop until I’ve eaten them all 🙂 I don’t know why but cherries doesn’t seem to be very popular here, it might have something to do with the price though, they are very expensive if one compares to apples and bananas. But I think cherries are my favorite berry and I had around 40 bigger and smaller cherry trees at the cottage I lived before I moved here. I got so many cherries that not even the birds could eat them all before I got the chance 🙂







So today is our national day, something some politicians absolutely wanted us to have. They made it a holiday after a few years but then they removed another holiday so it shouldn’t cost anything to make it a holiday. Most people actually think it was a pretty stupid idea because the holiday they removed was Whit Monday. We all knew we were going to get a long weekend when that holiday arrived since it always come on a Monday. June sixth can come any day in the week and that gives the employers problems. Everyone wants to take the rest of the week of if it comes lets say on a Thursday or Tuesday and they can’t just give a few the week of and not the rest 🙂 and if they say no to all they will have problems with very grumpy and ineffective employees 🙂 All of us realised that we lose a day of from work those years it comes on a weekend, so the employers agreed to give us compensation hours for those years that happens. They didn’t even complain about it 🙂




There are tombs in this and the next photo, hard to see though :-)

There are tombs in this and the photo above, hard to see though 🙂

I do like fog and tombs but it's impossible to make it look scary when the sun is shining :-)  A full moon, fog and tombs is a much different thing :-)

I do like fog and tombs but it’s impossible to make it look scary when the sun is shining 🙂 A full moon, fog and tombs is a much different thing 🙂


So why do we celebrate June sixth as our national day? Most people have no idea what so ever. We haven’t been to war since we helped to bring down Napoleon and got Norway as a thank you, something the Norwegians didn’t like at all since they had started to prepare to break free from Denmark at that time. No we are celebrating two things, one is the king Gustav Vasa. A cruel despot that became king June sixth 1523. A man who didn’t hesitate to slaughter the ones helping him to the throne when they actually wanted to keep him to the promises he had made. Before him they chose a new king when the old one had died which they did rather often since assassination weren’t that unusual. His three sons, all more or less insane then became kings after each other.


Sleeping so nicely.

Sleeping so nicely.



She just stood there trying to be invisible. She understood that we had seen her but wasn't especially worried so I'm pretty sure it's one of my deers. Her youngling must have been hiding in the bushes behind her.

She just stood there trying to be invisible. She understood that we had seen her but wasn’t especially worried so I’m pretty sure it’s one of my deers. Her youngling must have been hiding in the bushes behind her.


The second reason is that we 1809 got a new form of government. The king no longer was autocratic and that’s a very good reason to celebrate to be honest but who gives a d..n about that today 🙂 🙂 They do try to make this day important for us but I think they need to find something we all can agree on being important, like when we took the bronze medal in the 1994 FIFA World Cup in USA. That we all agree on being very important since we’ve never been that good in soccer again 🙂 🙂 🙂 We were all glued in front of the tv and I think if You had been in space at the time when we won that match You could have heard us screaming 🙂 1994 wa a year when that bronze medal more or less was the only positive thing happening to us but the summer was unusually warm too and it took only 19 years until we got such a summer again. That’s how seldom we get really good summers 🙂


Stone circle hill.

Stone circle hill.

Some webs are just perfect.

Some webs are just perfect.

Others more like the spider was high on something while making it :-)

Others more like the spider was high on something while making it 🙂

Bertil chickened out and turned home half way through the walk but he came running! to greet us when we were on the last part of the road home.

Bertil chickened out and turned home half way through the walk but he came running! to greet us when we were on the last part of the road home.

Almost at home again.

Almost at home again.


It’s time to drink that pot of tea I’ve just made and after that I think I’ll start planting all seedlings I still have (many, many) because from now on, statistically) there should be no more frost nights until the first week in September. Rain will most likely arrive later today so I better do it after this.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “June sixth.

  1. Underbara dimmiga bilder – men gå upp vid tre är väl att ta i lite! Jag skulle aldrig få med mig Santos ut, han älskar att ligga kvar i sängen och sova när vi har gått upp!! 🙂
    Själv vaknade jag vid halv fem, men för en gångs skull kunde jag somna om och sen sov jag till halv nio. Helt otroligt skönt och väldigt ovanligt!! 🙂 🙂
    Att jag sov så länge beror nog på att vi körde riktigt hårt i trädgården igår. Rolle klippte ute i “parken” och jag rensade ogräs och kantskar gräsmattan mot infarten. Höll på med det i 5 timmar – utan vila – så man var lite slut på kvällen. 😦 😦
    Idag har jag klippt gräs, inte fullt så jobbigt. Har ju egen åkgräsklippare….. *fniss* Men strax ska jag ut och rensa mer ogräs blad stenar i stenhörnan. Det blir jobbigt så jag sitter här och försöker hitta lusten att gå ut igen, men den verkar inte infinna sig.
    Gick in för att bli serverad årets första matjesillunch på altanen som gubben min hade dukat upp. Underbart….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Ingen av mina verkar vara den som vill ligga kvar och sova 🙂 Jag tog en tupplur senare på morgonen istället.

      Jag har rensat lite ogräs nu på förmiddagen och eftersom jag nästan bara har sand i marken går det väldigt lätt 🙂 Had jag brytt mig skulle jag kunnat rensa hela min trä’dgård ren freån ogräs på mindre tid än ni höll på igår och då finns det mycket ogräs här 🙂 🙂

      Väntar med gräset till imorgon eller söndag, det har inte växt speciellt sedan förra veckan 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. i love the way bertil runs to greet you when you return from the walk. cherries are my favorite fruit too. we get the queen ann cherries soon and i just love those. the men are here cutting my grass now and teddy is trying to chew through the window to get to them! do you have to go to work tomorrow? since you only work a half day it is sort of a waste. will you have a couple weeks off this summer?

    • Hi Joyce!

      If it only had been me walking there he wouldn’t have cared at all 🙂 🙂

      Our cherries won’t come for long yet and I have no idea where these came from but they were delicious!

      That’s right Teddy, protect your territory 🙂 All my doigs woulkd do is to go out and beg for treats 🙂 Well Sune would be very protective as long as the door would be closed, as soon as it opens he’s just the same as the others 🙂 🙂

      No work tomorrow so this is a long weekend. I’ll have four weeks vacation from week 28. It’s not that far away now really 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Christer,
    Wow! I guess the early bird gets the beautiful photos. Very nice close ups of the horses. The spider webs are always lovely, even the spider on drugs one, although that looks more like web worms.

    If the Swedish government was really thinking about this, they would have made June 6th the National Day and then passed a law that said the official holiday for it would be the nearest Monday. There’d be a long week end every time and no lost holiday hours when June 6th falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Employers would still have to deal with the employees that try to get a 4 day weekend by asking for the Friday or the Tuesday but that’s more easily refused if a 3 day weekend is already a given.
    But I have to ask, why would any representative government want to celebrate a despotic king that had abolished an elected monarchy in favor of an hereditary one? It does not compute.

    Nevermind, I googled. He unified the country. Yeah, I guess if you must have a Swedish National Day, that would be the one. I think you make a good case for the ’94 FIFA Bronze Medal. You should start a movement. 🙂

    It’s mostly cloudy with bouts of sunshine. The temperature is in the low 60’s F but will warm up later. I have to mow my new grass but it’s still wet.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I do like fog and one can blame all fuzzyness on it too 🙂
      I don’t think it’s web worms, and I have seen spiders close to those webs. Normally these wheel shaped webs don’t turn up until later in summer and all webs we have are these messy ones 🙂

      They really didn’t think at all when they decided this national day, I guess they had a stroke of patriotism, something very rare here 🙂 🙂 We had our National day as a normal work day here for some years and that worked good for us, so this was just stupid 🙂

      Most kings around the world have been much like this one so it’s hard to pick a king that was even close to good to his people 🙂 Many have been more or less insane too and I guess that has to do with inbreeding. They tended to marry a close relative most times 🙂 There has never been anything good coming from royals to be honest.

      I better start writing to the members of Parliament now, I think most people would agree that is a better thing to celebrate 🙂

      Rather warm and now mostly cloudy, we’rewaiting for the rain to arrive.

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Jim!

      We usually have lots of dew here so if just the sun shines it’s easy to get those web photos. I do like foggy mornings, everything looks a bit better in fog and sunlight 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Christer, Today is also a significant date because it is D-Day and right niw I am watchung a documentary on the allied invasion. This happened several years before I was born, and seeing the old films being shown is very enlightning.
    Your photos are beautiful as always and I really liked the morning sunrise…so very bright!

    • Hi Beatrice!

      Yes I know but very little was talked about this except for in the news here.

      But they’ve shown lots of different documentaries about the D day and the rest of the war for a few years now and I usually tries to see them.

      It was a nice morning, today is more grey and hazy.

      Have a great day!

  5. So you get compensation when a holiday falls on the weekend?
    Like if Christmas falls on Sunday you get some extra pay?
    That doesn’t happen where I work.
    Love the light color horse. Is it white or cream?

    • Hi Cindi!

      Only when the National day falls on a weekend, all the rest are lost free days 🙂 But we do get paid as if we were working when any holiday falls on a weekday, even Midsummer eve even if that day isn’t a holiday.

      It’s towards cream and the breed is called Fjording here in Scandinavia. It’s a Norwegian breed.

      Have a great day!

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