Too cold at nights.


Filling up the old pond yesterday was perhaps not the best idea I’ve had in my life since my rheumatism has done its best to my back and feet this week 🙂 I did wonder why I had such problems getting up of bed this morning until I remembered 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well the good thing is that it has helped to move around today so now I’m as good as I can be again. I’ve also done my laundry and most of the clothes are already dry after an hour, the wind blows hard and the sun looks out between the clouds often enough to help it to dry.


Only two photographs from our morning walk today and only four from the noon walk.

Only two photographs from our morning walk today and only four from the noon walk.




Nothing I’ve planted outside grows, the nights are just too cold so they just stop growing. So far the nights have been around 3C (37,4F) and that’s ok with our native plants because they know that can happen. But plants from further south just gets shocked and stops to grow. The dahlias do try to grow but one of the cats used that flowerbed as a toilet once so now Orvar walks all over those poor plants 🙂 So many broken stems but then again they are good as cuttings so soon I’ll have loads of dahlias here 🙂


Almost no water in the creeks now.

Almost no water in the creeks now.


The wild Honesysuckle is abot to flower now.

The wild honeysuckle is about to flower now.


I did place some of the plants I removed when I filled the hole after the pond yesterday and today I replanted some more. I also dug down some grass plants that have had a sad life in pots for two years with almost no water, I would have told You the name on that grass if I could but the magpies have removed every name tag there ever was 🙂 All I can say is that the grass comes from the American prairie and don’t spread by root. I had two different kinds, one was only a grass straw but it looks as if it actually will survive 🙂 I still have that anemone and the globe flowers to plant but I need to get a bucket or baby bath tub so they can grow in more wet conditions as they like best.


Clematis tangutica just about to open up.

Clematis tangutica just about to open up.

Large yellow loosestrife.

Large yellow loosestrife.

Beauty bush.

Beauty bush.


I think I have told You quite a lot about our most known being, Gårdstomten, the house or farm gnome. He’s, because it is always a he, is a grumpy and morose and has absolutely no sence of humor what so ever, still it is the one we tend to love the most 🙂 He’s usually not even half as big as a human but very much stronger and if one played a prank on him he could kill with one hit. He cares very little about the humans living at the farm but cares a lot about the farm itself. The farm that had a gnome living there was seen as the lucky because he would make sure that the farm prospered. Our Santa Claus is a mix between the house gnome and Saint Nicolaus and not the Santa that big parts of the world have.


I didn't mean to plant the hostas as a border to the tiny Hoary mockorange behind them :-)

I didn’t mean to plant the hostas as a border to the tiny Hoary mock orange behind them 🙂

Poncirus trifoliata. Citrus plants are usually grafted on either Pomerans or on this plant. It's a citrus relative and it is almost hardy here in my garden. But I figured that since the Osage orange actually lives just a meter (yard) away and survives (which it shouldn't) this one might too :-)

Poncirus trifoliata. Citrus plants are usually grafted on either Pomerans (Bitter orange) or on this plant. It’s a citrus relative and it is almost hardy here in my garden. But I figured that since the Osage orange actually lives just a meter (yard) away and survives (which it shouldn’t) this one might too 🙂




He is usually always dressed in worn grey clothes with a red woollen cap on his head. He wears a long grey beard and really old gnomes have so long beards that they can twist it around the body several times. He helps with most things on the farm and demands respect and if he doesn’t get that he will punish the people. If the maid or farm-hand was lazy he often woke them up by giving them a hard box on the ears. The farmers were  supposed to give him porridge and if they forgot to put honey in it he could get so angry that he went out to the cows and killed the best milking cow they had (not many farmers have cows now days that’s why I wrote was supposed instead if is). But if one pleased him in the right way he helped with all work on the farm. But it is important to not being too kind to him. There are stories who tells about people making him new clothes and the gnome got so proud of his new clothes that he decided they were too fine to work in and therefore left the farm.


I cut down the Thurkish rhubarbs hard before replanting them.

I cut down the Turkish rhubarbs hard before replanting them. I placed the leafs around them on the ground so the moisture in the ground stays there better.




A gnome can also take the shape of an animal, usually he choses to be a black cat or a toad. If a farm has horses one can usually see which horse is the gnomes favorite because usually the healthiest and almost fat. The mane is also braided with braids that can’t be removed. So if You have a farm with horses and one horse is especially healthy with braids that are impossible to remove, never forget to put honey in the porridge, the gnome won’t like it 🙂


Bertil found a piece of peat and rolled around on it for quite some time. I don't know why but perhaps it smells like the vole/ mole and he tries to disguise himself?

Bertil found a piece of peat and rolled around on it for quite some time. I don’t know why but perhaps it smells like the vole/ mole and he tries to disguise himself?





Have a great day!



14 thoughts on “Too cold at nights.

  1. Hi Christer Happy post Solstice! We have had so much rain I wish I could send you some. Its ridiculous. The humidity is high and feels nasty. We are due more rain today and we had a wicked thunderstorm last night. I love it! There were tornado watches all across the southern part of our province too. Summer is here but I long for fall. If it could be perpetual autumn I would be so happy! Just finishing up laundry today. I love your folklore stories!! I am off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as my son is graduating (!!!) from high school and we are involved with the graduation from the start to the finish with a big party. TIme flies as they say! I wish you a happy Sunday and hopefully the rain will find you.

    • Hi Dianna!

      Thank You.

      It did actually rain for two seconds here 🙂 Some plkaces got heavy showrs and thunder. I did wonder why the electricity went and came for a while 🙂 The wind started to blow really hard like it always does when thunder aproaches but it never came here. They had a big tromb, what we call tiny tornadoes here down south but it didn’t destroy anything from what I heard.

      Gradutaing! One of the milestones in life! Have fun 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. hi christer! bertil is so funny. what great photos. your beauty bush is different than what we know as a beauty bush here. yours looks like our weigelia. i wonder how your summer will be since you had such a warm spring? joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      He is an odd cat 🙂

      It’s no weigelia, it’s a kolkwitzia amabilis and I guess I used the British name on it. I found Your Beauty bush on the internet and that’s a very different bush 🙂

      We have feared that our summer will be cold and rainy and so far we’ve been right on the cold part 🙂 Statistically a cold June makes a warm July, last summer was the exception because it was warm all the time 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Jag är övertygad om att det luktade nått äckligt torven! *fniss* 🙂
    Här har det varit ganska hyfsat väder, absolut inte så kallt om nätterna som du har haft, men någon riktig sommarvärme är det inte än. Trots det så badar jag i poolen så fort jag kan. Alltså när solen är framme och det är runt 18-22 grader i luften. I poolen är det ju visserligen 27, men det är inte skönt att kliva upp på altanen och det är isande vindar och bara 14-16 grader…det har ju förekommit ganska ofta i år!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Eller så gillar han helt enkelt lukten av halvförmultnad torv, men det är nog som du säger 🙂

      Solen sken mest hela dagen men till och från kom det moln och det blåste stormbyar här. Fick nog tre droppar regn dessutom 🙂

      Det är alltid kallt att gå upp ur ett varmt bad 🙂 Fast du har ju nära in i alla fall 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hi Christer,
    You got a lot done this weekend.

    I didn’t know Bertil was three colors. Doesn’t that make him a rare type? Apart from his sunny temperament, I mean. 😀

    Very interesting about the farm gnome. If there are only males, how do they make more farm gnomes? Maybe that is why they are cranky.
    In my experience, if a horse’s mane is braided in braids that can’t be undone, it generally means he has been grazing in the burdocks for a long time and no one has checked on him.

    Rocky, Piki Dog and I have been out for two walks and one bout of basking in the sun on the top steps. It’s a perfect day here, sunny with a cool breeze. How nice it would be if the whole summer was this perfect.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      Even I flash sometimes and get things done 🙂

      I’ve never thought of him as three colored but You’re right, he is 🙂 I’m not sure if that’s rare or not. I’ll see if I can see if Salmiak has another color on his stomach or perhaps ask the owner, so much easier and no risk of getting scratched 🙂

      That’s most likely why they are cranky 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wonder why there are no female ones, from all places I’ve checked before this they all say the gnome always is a male one. But I think You’re wrong, of course it must be a gnome making those braids impossible to undo 🙂 🙂

      Last summer was alomost perfect, a kind of summer we’ll talk about for decades because that’s how seldom they show up here 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. I wonder why so many of Sweden’s mythical creatures are so scary? We used to have similar stories here of the “Boogey Man” but parents are not frightening their children as much as they did in the old days. I’m sure some are out there taking joy in scaring their children to get them to mind, etc. I grew up constantly frightened and to this day will not sleep in a completely dark room. There are tiny lights all over my home and my children were not made to sleep in a dark rooms either. I am wondering why the stories are all so frightening. Children must be half frightened to death for fear of displeasing these mythical creatures.
    Bertil looks like a happy cat out there rolling around in what he considers GREAT smelling stuffQ! :):)

    • Hi Mona!

      I think it was one way to keep children at hoime and not get lost in the forest and we have to remember that lots of things could go wrong and they didn’t have our technology to find out what had happened. So an evil being was the easiest solution I guess. But I have to admit that those beings never scared me when I heard about them as a kid, as long as one was polite they didn’t bother you. Today these beings are nothing for kids, they have so much worse things to be scared of, like vampires or zombies 🙂

      I think thet he for once was happy or at least pleased 🙂
      Mona! I think I’ve solved the big photo problem now, can You please check if they still get enormous or smaller than before?

      Have a great day!

  6. Christer,
    Here I was thinking it is cold here but it is in the 50’s though that is a bit chilly for this time of year. My downstairs is always cold in the morning.

    My flowers seem to be doing well as is the vegetable garden. I am good at remembering to water the vegetables, but the front garden gets water every morning from the irrigation system so that is one less thing to remember.

    Everything around you looks so green and lovely!

    Enjoy the day!!

    • Hi Kat!

      It is unusually cold even during days now but since the sun shines most of the time and it doesn’t rain we don’t feel it that way, only in the mornings. It might even sink down to frost level tonight they say.

      Nothing grows here but nothing dies either so I guess I should be happy for that 🙂 If only the warm weather returns everything will explode and grow like crazy I guess 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. Life is good for Bertil!
    I just realized something. My mother was very superstitious and always was telling tall tales. She always said that she was French but actually she was only half French on her mothers side. On her fathers side, he was Swedish but she denied that side because she didn’t like her father. Reading this, about the gnome and other stories you’ve told, I’m thinking she was more Swedish than she knew! LOL! 😀

    • Hi Cindi!

      Beings like these and stories too can be found all over Europe to be honest, just remember the Grimm brothers. In old east Europe they can be even more horriffic 🙂

      Have a great day!

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