Just one more week.

I'll have to move this rose later this summer, the chimney sweeper isn't too happy when he gets caught in it :-)

I’ll have to move this rose later this summer, the chimney sweeper isn’t too happy when he gets caught in it 🙂

I’ve actually done all my chores for the day and it’s not even 7:30 am, that’s what happens sometimes when waking up at 3:45 in the morning 🙂 Most of the laundry is hanging on the porch beneath a roof because it’s raining on and off but a big duvet cover is hanging on the espalier where my tomatoes are growing just in case it needs an extra rinsing off. It has big brownish spots on it and that’s what happens when You place anything on a rusty surface. Now it looks more like mud stains 🙂 🙂 So any suggestions on how to remove rust stains?





They had predicted fog this morning but that only happened up on the mountain.


Nature loved this rain, the birds are singing unusually much, normally they quiet down rather much as soon as we pass midsummer, that’s when they start preparing for the move south but those staying will most likely get another bunch of small ones before it is too late. I saw lots of geese in the V formation flying south but I doubt they have started already, they were most likely on their way to the other lake in the bog to have breakfast.






I changed the sticky fly paper all over the cottage yesterday, the old ones were covered with flies and had been hanging there for not even two weeks. It didn’t take one second before the first ones got stuck 🙂 But it has calmed down considerable now, at least here indoors. They are still a pain in the neck out by the bog or any area with small trees and bushes. They started very early this year so I guess and hope their season will end early too. Not many horse flies around though but those who are do bite just as good this year as before 🙂





I watched the movie Frost yesterday and I do like it a lot 🙂 It shows an odd combination of Scandinavian culture? I’m not sure that’s the word I want to use but still the best I know 🙂 Early in the movie, just in the beginning, they show a midsummer pole, that’s typical Swedish and doesn’t exist in the other Scandinavian countries. The architecture looks norwegian and the fjords are typical Norwegian even if we have some here too but not remotely as beautiful as the Norwegian. The salesman up in the mountains speaks with a mostly Swedish accent but the music after the coronation was more or less Austrian 🙂 🙂 🙂 No matter what, it was a wonderful movie!



I had hoped to see fog around the tombs, it's just not the same if it's only a haze :-)

I had hoped to see fog around the tombs, it’s just not the same if it’s only a haze 🙂



Tomorrow is the first day of the last week before my four weeks of vacation 🙂 I’ll save one week for Christmas and I’ll have enough compensation hours by then so I can take two weeks of between Christmas and Epiphany. We have no holidays at all during autumn, not until Christmas actually so I will need those two weeks then. I have also created the continuing of this blog, I did it yesterday and it is called “The cottage by the Crane lake, life goes on“. Just click on the name and You’ll get there. in a new window (if everything goes as I hope :-))


These three are from our walk yesterday afternoon.

These three are from our walk yesterday afternoon.




It’s time to make a pot of tea again and after that I might take a small nap. Most people aren’t up yet after all 🙂





Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Just one more week.

  1. Jahapp, din blogg är snart full!? 😦 Själv har jag undrat länge när det ska hända mig, men peppar peppar så funkar den fortfarande trots alla bilder jag lägger in. Men jag förminskar alla bilder, så det kanske är det som gör det….. 🙂
    Här kom det ner – efterlängtade – 11 mm igår. Så det skulle förmodligen räckt ett tag, men det regnar idag också trist nog….. 😦 😦

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Jo det tar ungefär två år, sedan är det dags att byta igen. Kan ju köpa mera utrymme men då vill de ha kvar mitt kontonummer så att de kan dra de extra pengarna varje år!! Inget jag går med på, då byter jag hellre.Jag förminskar mina rejält också, men då är ju utgångspunkten cirka 10 MB på en bild 🙂

      Här kommer det att regna hela nästa vecka, mestadels skurar om jag fattat det hela rätt så det kanske inte blir så mycket trots allt. Det vi fått räcker nog någon vecka eller så i alla fall 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. hi christer! thanks for the tips on my cukes and zucchini! i hope i can get them to do something this year! i now have lots of tomatoes and my eggplants just blossomed. my peppers are still small. do you have any plans for your vacation time? maybe it will just be good to relax with the dogs. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I hope I’m right about it though 🙂

      My tomatoes haven’t grown a thing since I planted them but that’s because nights have been so cold here, almost frost every night until two days ago. The same with my pumpkins but they show that these two last nights have been good for them so it looks like they actually are growing now 🙂

      It’s the greenhouse building and some repairs on my cottage that’s on my agenda. Nothing much on my cottage though, just changing some boards and paint that last wall. So it will be lots of relaxing with my dogs too 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Hi Christer,
    I have TCbtCL: Life Goes On added to my reader bar so I’m ready to switch when the time comes. Two years! Wow, time does fly. Either that or you and we all talk a lot and use up the space. 🙂

    Countdown to vacation is so much fun when it gets close. One more week. Hope it won’t be a slow week.

    No rain here. The day is sunny and pleasant with a bit of a breeze. It’s 68ºF right now but it’s only 9AM. It will get 20 degrees hotter as the day goes on. I walked the dogs around 6AM and the sun was already warm even though the air was cool from the night. The dogs are conked out in the living room right now. Rocky’s on the floor by the front door and Piki Dog is on the couch. We need to take another walk, though, before it gets too warm. Too warm for me, that is. They don’t mind the heat at all.

    For the rust stains you could try soaking them with lemon juice and then adding salt. Let it stand for 24 hours but keep adding the lemon juice to keep the spot damp. Rinse with cold water.
    You could try leaving it out in direct sunlight for awhile. If you have some sun to leave it in. 🙂 Good luck!
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I think it will take until late August before I need to move to the new place but thought I just as well fix the new place already now and tell You all about it several times before the move. I was thinking of moving back to the first one again but I didn’t have the energy to erase it all 🙂 and it might actually be both 🙂

      Yes it is a fun tghing 🙂 and my guess is that it will be a slow week even if I’ll work in the neighbor factory for at least one day. Friday will be a pain even if I stop working already at noon 🙂

      It has been pouring down here most of the day and the laundry will take for ever to dry even if it’s only the duvet covers that doesn’t hang under the roof. I’ll try to remove the rust with lemon juice and salt, the sun won’t show itself for quite some time they say.

      The flies were crazy and they say thunder is near so it was a pain to walk here, so we hurried home again and no one wants to go outside even if we don’t have the flies here in the garden 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Wow..your new blog is beautiful, Christer…I also have flagged it. I always wonder why geese fly in a V formation.
    I don’t have any idea how to remove rust..it’s one of the hardest to remove I think. For really hard to remove stains I usually take straight bleach (carefully!) and tip it straight up onto the stain..leave it just a very short time..like 10 seconds..or a bit more but not much..and then rinse. However..your duvet is not likely to be white…so..that would not work in your case. I hope you find some way..or cover it with another piece of fabric.. 🙂 which I doubt your will do. Good luck!
    Your photo’s are amazing as always! You are quite the photographer now! I am loving my new camera too.
    What a difference a good camera makes.
    Take care now,

    • Hi Mona!

      I do like how that design look and that it’s perfect for photos.

      They fly like that because the ones behind saves a lot of energy by using the windflow the bird infront makes. Every now and again they change positions do no bird always is in front.

      I would have used bleach too if this woulkd have been white but it’s light green with a pattern of lighter and darker squares. Would look a bit fun if it had big white spots here and there 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s only something I’ll see so it isn’t that important to remove to be honest.

      It’s so important to actually understand the camera, if one doesn’t it feels impossible most times 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer! Lovely new blog space! Do I need to do anything or do we get automatically added on to the new blog? I am rubbish when it comes to computers and their stuff. We have had nonstop rain and vicious winds all day. THe wind hasn’t stopped and its gusting to 80 kms an hour. The rain is sideways! I fear the mosquitoes will be the size of cars when this is all done. We are having a holiday on Tuesday (Canada Day) and that’s when they say the rain will end. Lovely. I love the pictures of the horses – do you know what kind they are? I hope the geese forming V’s already aren’t a sign of things to come and that they were just going for something to eat!!!! Too early!! The birds are still singing here – well not at the moment due to the rain and wind but I heard a robin this morning singing his heart out! Have a lovely Monday – not long now for your vacation!

    • Hi Dianna!

      No, I wouldn’t know how to do that 🙂 So You’ll have to make it a new book mark. I must admit that >I’m not the best at computering myself 🙂

      We’ve actually seen the sun today, for at least five minutes 🙂 Lots of rain though, sometimes drizzle and sometimes heavy showers. The flies are nuts out there so I guess thunder might be close again. No wind at all so there’s no escape from the flies and now they start to drive us all insane 🙂 It’ll be better closer to the weekend though, or so they say and I trust that as much as I trust a thief 🙂

      I think it is too early for flying south yet but still, it is a sign on what’s comming I’m afraid. There’s already less bird sininging now and soon it’s just the usual tweets from the staying birds that will be heard.

      Soon, very soon 🙂

      Have a greatday!

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