I don’t think they wanted my soul as payment :-)


We don’t have any after work walks at the moment because of all the flies out there but instead we have very long before work walks since we all wake up around 3:45 in the morning anyway. I think we were the only ones in this county that actually got the chance to see the sun today, it showed itself for almost five minutes just before 4:30 🙂 We have rather strong winds and showers this evening so I guess we could have taken a walk but none of us like to walk in strong winds if it starts to rain as well. They say these winds will bring us warmer weather already tomorrow afternoon.







My telephone and internet company called me at work yesterday, normally I don’t answer the phone at work if I don’t know who’s calling but tis number had shown so many times that I thought it was time to tell who ever it was that I didn’t want it what ever they wanted to sell me. I had been thinking of actually call them because I’m thinking of buying a new mobile phone, the one I have has started to behave odd every now and again. Well not the actual phone part, that works without any problems. It’s the internet part that behaves odd so I thought I should listen to what the man had to say.



Fire weed.

Fire weed.

Red clover and the green is tansy.

Red clover and the green is tansy.

The first Bluebells.

The first Bluebells.


I don’t know why but they offered me a better deal on both the phone and internet connection. I’m pretty happy with what I already have and I’m already on a two year subscription on both so they didn’t need to worry that I would leave them. Over here we pay for the amount of GB we want on both the mobile phone and the internet. So if I feel I only need 3 Gb I pay for that and if I want the double I’ll pay a bit more. Suddenly they offer me the double to what I have in the phone and a faster connection to my computer for a price less than I pay now. But not only that! They’ll also send me a new laptop and it won’t cost me a thing?!


Where's the fog when one wants it? Would be great with these small tombs.

Where’s the fog when one wants it? Would be great with these small tombs.





He did mumble a bit when he said what brand I would get, I guess they have a bunch they can’t sell and then they might just give some away 🙂 No matter what kind it is, I get it for free so I can’t complain 🙂 I always get a bit suspicious when something like this happens, why? Why on earth did they want me to get better deals than I already have and also give me a laptop? First he said everything to me and asked if I understood and then he told me it all again and the company recorded it so I don’t have to sign anything and I can’t remember that they at any time also said that they wanted my soul as payment 🙂 🙂 🙂





Do You remember those small cherry trees by the house that's falling appart? The cherries tasted rather nice this morning :-)

Do You remember those small cherry trees by the house that’s falling apart? The cherries tasted rather nice this morning 🙂


It wasn’t until I came home that I realised that I should have asked for a phone instead 🙂 and to be honest, I forgot to buy one as well 🙂 Well, the one I have will have to do for some time more I think. I hate to change phones and have to learn how the new one works anyway 🙂 The new laptop will arrive within fourteen days. I do hope it doesn’t have Windows 8, the system created by an insane computer guy from hell but I guess that would be to hope for too much 🙂


In my garden right now.

In my garden right now.

Potentilla recta and red leafed Ninebark.

Potentilla recta and red leafed Ninebark.

Some kind of Aaron's rod and Yellow columbines.

Some kind of Aaron’s rod and Yellow columbines.

This is also an Aasron's rod that grows in the wild here but also in many gardens. It behaves like a weed here.

This is also an Aaron’s rod that grows in the wild here but also in many gardens. It behaves like a weed here.

I have no idea what kind of lily this is. It isn't Tiger lily  and it isn't Fire lily either.

I have no idea what kind of lily this is. It isn’t Tiger lily and it isn’t Fire lily either.


It’s time to make a pot of tea and something to eat. I’m pretty tired now in the evenings since we’re up and out so early. It doesn’t matter really because tomorrow is the last day before vacation 🙂

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “I don’t think they wanted my soul as payment :-)

  1. My spidey senses are tingling over that phone call! I’d be looking over my shoulder, sounds very suspicious!

    That Aaron’s Rod appears to be some sort of verbascum, we call mullein. They are beautiful with the yellow columbine.

    I’m going to have to keep that picture of the fireweed for my computer, gorgeous! Thanks!

    • Hi Wendy!

      I did check the phone number so I knew it was true 🙂 🙂 Where was the catch? But I can’t find any so lucky me getting a lap top for free 🙂

      Aaron’s rod is most likely the British name and mullein the American.

      I’m glad You like that photo 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. beautiful photos, your area is so much like ours, same wild flowers, trees, it was 7 Celsius last night, only 14 today, warmer coming, you got a great deal, we get calls all th time too, very annoying, I have never had a cell phone, Garry does, he is shopping fo a new one, he is the gadget guy in this house, you must be looking forward to your holiday

    • Hi Laurie!

      Yes I guess we do have much the same plants, at least when it comes to weeds 🙂 Lots of our “wild” plants comes from Your continent and vice wersa,

      It was a bit warmer here last night but the day temperature was much the same 🙂

      I only have a mobile phone now days, I stopped having the old kind when they tore down the telephone line. I never used it anyway 🙂

      I soo look forward to my four week vacation 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Another bunch of beautiful pictures. I especially liked the cherries on the cherry tree.
    It seems like you just bought a new computer..maybe a couple of years ago. I’ve had Dell since February 2007 and it’s still perking along. Of course I don’t have the “guy from hell’s” version. I have Vista and it’s always been good.
    BUT a “free computer” cannot be beat! 🙂 Good for you, Christer.

    • Hi Mona!

      Thank You 🙂

      I savd the kernels and I’ll sow them later this year. Perhaps I’ll have a small cherry tree in a few years.

      I did buy a new computer last year 🙂 and I’ve disliked Windows 8 since then 🙂 But It’s nice to get a new one, especially since it’s for free 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Håller med dig; Man blir väldigt misstänksam när man ska få saker och ting utan att behöva betala mer!? 😦 Nått skumt brukar det alltid vara! 😦 😦
    Idag hade vi jättefint väder, så vi fick en massa gjort i trädgården och när det var klart tog jag ett dopp. Hann inte mer än upp så var det dags igen för kyligare väder och en regnskur. 😦 😦 😦 Men…nu har vi blivit LOVADE att det ska bli 25 grader och sol i morgon. 🙂 Faan trot…..
    Tack för tipset om ÖB, vi får nog ta en sväng till Visby och inhandla en “mygghatt”!

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Visst är det så, Telia är ju inte heller direkt kända för att premiera sina redan existerande kunder 🙂 Men idag fick jag bekräftelsen på det hela så nu är det bara till att vänta och se 🙂

      Riktigt fint här också idag. solsken större delen av tiden och en liten vind som håller en del flugor borta. Nu skall det väl bli riktigt fint imorgon och sedan varannandagsväder. Skit samma, jag har semester 🙂

      Hoppas de har någon kvar men det brukar de torra somrar när myggen hållit sig lugna.

      Ha det gott!

  5. Hi Christer,
    You have to play the recording backwards to hear the part about accepting your soul in payment. 🙂

    I was going to say the Aaron’s Rod looks like mullein to me. Mullein is one of my most favorite weeds but I don’t have any growing in my yard. Yours is not very fuzzy. Over here they are quite furry on almost all the parts. Native Americans have such a huge store of uses for this plant that one would think it was native to this part of the world but it’s not. They adopted it like they adopted the horse.

    It’s hot and sticky and murky here. The sun has gone down and there’s still no breeze. There’s supposed to thunderstorms and rain but I haven’t seen any. No cool down either. Our 4th of July celebrations have all been cancelled because of the impending hurricane. I bet tomorrow will be bright and sunny and the hurricane will come on Saturday during the rescheduled events.

    Enjoy your new computer even if has Windows 8.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I knew I should have asked them to play it bakwards for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

      We have several species of Aaron’s rod growing here and this one is sort of semi hairy 🙂 I know people making nature medicine usually use these plants but one needs to know what and how to do it because it is a bit toxic 🙂

      Really nice here today, mostly sunny and a perhaps a bit too weak wind. It does keep some flies away but not many eanough 🙂

      I’ll check the weather news about the hurricane after this, I hope it isn’t as bad as they thought it shoiuld be.

      Have a great day!

      • Over here the plant has another nickname: hunter’s toilet paper. Apparently some folks use the leaves for personal hygiene but I would not advise it. They are much softer than most leaves and are certainly a “green” solution to the problem. Unfortunately, the tiny hairs on the leaves cause rashes and one doesn’t really want rashes in those tender parts.

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