I can feel a change in the air today.


I can feel a change in the air even though it’s just as warm as it has been this time of day the entire week. Perhaps it’s the wind that is slightly cooler or the humidity that’s slightly lower. Today it will stay at measly 24C (75,2F) and the winds will be fairly strong, at least so strong that the flies will stay mostly calm I hope. The weekend will be cool and we’ll even get some rain on Sunday so perhaps I should plant some plants tomorrow. I ordered two Bamboo’s and a Kiwi plant. I normally don’t buy plants since I fear it will bring the Spanish slug here, a slug that multiplies enormously since it has no natural enemies here. The slug eaters we already have here refuses to eat it since it’ so slimy. But I’ve already checked the pots and soil and no signs of slugs or slug eggs.




I thought it was Bertil we saw down the road so I didn't stop my dogs from running to him, turns out it was Salmiak and he wasn't happy at all :-) He climbed up a birch tree and stared at us :-)

I thought it was Bertil we saw down the road so I didn’t stop my dogs from running to him, turns out it was Salmiak and he wasn’t happy at all 🙂 He climbed up a birch tree and stared at us 🙂 I couldn’t see him at first even if I stood very close.



The Bamboo I’ve ordered is perhaps the hardiest of them all and since they were on sale I thought I might try it. If Bamboo likes a place it can spread like crazy so I’ll dig down a huge plastic pot in the ground to contain the roots. There are always other weedy plants I can plant there if it shouldn’t survive the winter 🙂 The Kiwi is a self fertile variety and will probably like it a lot in the coming green house. No I haven’t started on it yet, I still need to buy a few things before I start, besides it has been just too hot to do anything anyway 🙂 






My mobile phone has started to act strange lately, sometimes it just shuts down when I use it. Sometimes I’ve only been allowed to call emergency calls and other times it has just frozen. I really need it now since I no longer have the old-time phone so when my phone and internet company called me yesterday to sell one to me I bought one 🙂 The price will be almost the same every month for two years that I’ll save by not having the old phone any longer so I’ll really not notice any change in what I pay every month. I bought a Sony something that is water and dust proof. I can bring it in to the shower if I want to but really?! why do people want to bring their phones to the shower or when they take a bath?? I want it because working with powder paint is a certain death for mobile phones. No matter how much one tries to protect it powder still finds the way inside and when it does the phone starts to act weird.



Webs are hard to photograph when the dew has dried up.

Webs are hard to photograph when the dew has dried up. 



I need to keep an eye on the magpies now, smaller birds let their younglings fly around in my garden while learning how to do and the magpies tries to catch the young ones. The Wagtail is smart enough to call out loud for me when the door is open if the cats comes close but almost never when the magpies does. So every now and again when I hear magpies in the area I go outside and start clapping my hands,m I really don’t care if it is natures way 🙂 I do like magpies but I like the Wagtails even more since they usually are the first birds to arrive when spring does too. But I must admit that I sometimes like what the magpies does, like now when they brought strawberries from someones garden 🙂 🙂 🙂 I scared them and they dropped some 🙂






I need to buy a new memory card for my camera, this morning the camera told me it didn’t work and usually that means I have to clean those tiny metal parts on the card. That didn’t help this morning (well in the end, long after our walk it did say it worked again) so I brought the old camera with me. The autofocus works on the telephoto lens together with that one so tat was a nice change. But the settings are different so it took me a while to remember how to adjust it to what I like. I guess it would be better to use the computer cable to down load the photos instead of as I do know, pick out the memory card and put in to an adapter or what it is called. But I can’t remember where I put that cable 🙂 I never toss anything like that away so it should be here somewhere 🙂



Teodor came down the road from the neighbor farm as soon as we were at home again.



I got a virus into my computer the other day, I don’t know from where but I think it was a Java download that brought it and my anti-virus system reacted directly. But it didn’t remove it because it was in a Ziploc file and couldn’t reach it it said, so how could it detect it? Anyway, I had to remove it manually and since the computer knew where it was it should be easy enough I thought. Isn’t it strange that even if the computer knows where it is it doesn’t help me to get to it?? My antivirus program also refused to let me copy the address to where it was!! So I had to write it down, a millions letters and signs it felt like and then I placed that address in the search square. No such place the computer answered?! so I started to delete the address from the end and suddenly there were loads of places I had to check through. At the same time I also got two risk programs which means they aren’t a virus but real programs but used viciously they could work like a virus anyway.


The buds have opened up on my citrus trees. Well perhaps it's a bit much to call them trees yet :-)

The buds have opened up on my citrus trees. Well perhaps it’s a bit much to call them trees yet 🙂

DSC_0006 - kopia

The Kiwi and the two small Bamboos.



I actually did find both the virus and the two risk programs after just a few hours 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I just can’t understand why the computer didn’t do it by itself because I just had to press remove this object and gone it was. I’ve checked twice after that and they are all gone now. It’s a good thing I have another laptop just waiting to be used after all 🙂 I can’t find anything in this computer about Java so perhaps windows 8 doesn’t use it? I know all my old computers did so I never reacted when I got the message that I needed to upgrade Java. Well, the world of Internet is a great mystery and I’ll never understand it 🙂 


The first bud on my Passionfruit plant. If one just can keep them cool and light during winter these are very easy to have. Gives the most delicious fruits too :-)

The first bud on my Passionfruit plant. If one just can keep them cool and light during winter these are very easy to have. Gives the most delicious fruits too 🙂


My tomatoe plants finally grow but they need a long period of warm weather to get a chance to actually give me some tomatoes. You can also see the pumpkin plants, so far I can only see male flowers and thes plants are so tiny they won't get a chance to produce one single pumpkin, at least not to any noticiable size.

My tomato plants finally grow but they need a long period of warm weather to get a chance to actually give me some tomatoes. You can also see the pumpkin plants, so far I can only see male flowers and these plants are so tiny they won’t get a chance to produce one single pumpkin, at least not to any noticeable size.

These plants should be hanging long beneath the hanging pot but it has been so cold at nights that they only reasently started to grow. I do hope I'll at least will get a chance to see a flower or two :-)

These plants should be hanging long beneath the hanging pot but it has been so cold at nights that they only recently started to grow. I do hope I’ll at least will get a chance to see a flower or two 🙂


It’s time to make that pot of tea and after that I don’t know what I’ll do. I know however that I will take a week of from writing a blog and I’ll see You all next Friday. By the way, Novas ear inflammation is back, I guess it’s the heat that makes it so resistant so she’s really happy that I once again will mess with her ear, the thing she dislikes the most in life 🙂



Sunes pool, so far he’s only drinking the water 🙂 It seems it needs to smell muddy before he jumps in to it. He normally jumps in to any kind of water puddle when we’re out walking 🙂

DSC_0009 - kopia

The first bud on my Dahlias.

A young Wagtail and a parent just behind him.

A young Wagtail and a parent just behind him.


Have a great week!

18 thoughts on “I can feel a change in the air today.

  1. hi christer! i am glad you fixed your computer virus. computer problems are just the worst! i hope your bamboo grows. it grows like a wed here. do you think you will start getting colder there now? i have some huge tomatoes and peppers but not a lot of anything else yet. i am already picking my tomatoes and eating them. this is such a boring time of year for me. there is not much to do except weed and water. have a great week off! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Yes just imagine what these people creating viruses could do if they put just as much energy in to do something good instead!

      This bamboo is almost hardy here so I’m hoping for the best. It’s supposed to become semwhere between 3-6 yards high but I’m happy if it actually survives 🙂

      It will cool down for some days but then they predict that it will be just as hot again towards Thursday and forward.

      This is my time of year and if it wasn’t for the horse and deer flies I would spend much more time outside. I have some really nice itching bites all over my body at the moment.

      Have a great week!

  2. Hi Christer! You know, I said that exact same thing last night. It felt more like end of August outside than July. And that was with a hot day! The wind came up, the sun is getting just a bit lower in the sky now and I could just feel the change immediately. So sad, as much as I would rather live in autumn year round, I miss the long light nights!! Computer problems are the worst ever! I can’t stand when something happens to ours, I usually get my husband or son to take care of it and then I don’t even want them to explain to me what happened, just tell me its fixed! 🙂 So I can surf some more!! 🙂 I have never heard of a wagtail before – we don’t get them here but they sure are a pretty bird! I can see how they get their name :). Love the bamboo plants! I don’t think they would survive here unless they were an indoor plant. We too have a paddling pool for the dogs but they only drink from it, and mine are like yours, the first puddle or small lake we see they are right in there. I can’t figure that out. Maybe its the color? Mine is blue to. I peeked into my garden last night again. Zuccchini are growing bigger but not fast, the rhubarb needs another harvest which I will do this weekend and I have enough beans for one supper. What fun! I have tiny cucumbers now, flowers on my peppers (we need super hot for these guys to grow) and flowers on my pumpkins. The leeks seem to be getting bigger, but its all happening underground so no peeking for me! Have a great week off and see you again soon! 🙂

    • Hi Dianna!

      Yes it has turned but that doesn’t mean autumn arrives yet for another month 🙂 and it’s still light way in to the night here but it’s turning fast now. Today is so nice and much cooler than yesterday. The humidity is very low too and that’s even more important I think. My time of year is spring. I really don’t mind that it is dark from 4pm until 8am next day if I can see some daylight during the day but that’s hard while working.

      I’m so glad I managed to get rid of both the two high risk programs and the virus But what I can’t understand is why the computer couldn’t lead me there when it knew where those things were 🙂 🙂 They aint so smart after all 🙂

      Wagtais are the messengers of spring here and they might not be especuíally colorful but they are probably one of the most loved birds here in sweden.

      The bamboos aren’t really hardy here and since You live in an even harsher zone than I do I doubt they sould stand a chance where You live 🙂 I thought I would try since they were on sale and pretty cheap 🙂

      Sunes pool is blue too but I don’t think it’s the color, the water just doesn’t smell bad enough 🙂 I posted some photos in my National Geographic album after his bath, here’s a link: My NG album I hope it will work.

      My leaks are looking good too and the spinage grows fine too but no tomatos or pumpkins yet 🙂

      Have a great week!

  3. I was up until 2AM. Could not shut my computer off..I had to call the Geek Squad twice …and even they could not really figure it out. It is really time consuming when your computer comes up with an illness. 🙂
    Which camera did you use for the photo’s you posted today. They don’t seem as sharp as your others. Maybe it’s my eyes. I wouldn’t be surprised!@
    Wonder where Bertil was? I am sure he is alright..but he is so adventurous that I get concerned when I don’t see him around. Pretty darned independent. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend, Christer. I’m glad you were able to figure out how to get rid of your problem on the computer.

    I still have my land line. Not secure with just the cell phone. I like a backup.
    🙂 Mona

    • Hi Mona!

      🙂 New computer new problems 🙂 I hope You have figured it out by now though!
      Yes it take so much time and they say computers soon will be smarter than us but having gone through thuis I doubt it 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It’s the old camera so it does look a bit less sharp, especially since I let the editing program reduce the amount of bytes the photo is allowed to have. They should be smaller now too. I need a new memorycard in my newer camera because the one I have is slowly falling apart I’m afraid.

      Bertil was locked in the cottage 🙂 He had walked in just before we walked away and I didn’t know he was indoors 🙂 So he’s just fine and just as grumpy as ever 🙂

      They tore down my telephone line by accident some weeks ago and since I never used it I thought I might as well just call the phone company and stop it totally.

      Have a great week!

  4. Hi Christer,
    I thought I had comment and I had but in two other places. 🙂
    The only time I thought I had a virus on my Mac, I googled it and found out how to get rid of it. Still, it was a long involved affair that required me to delete many strangely named files in places that I didn’t even know existed inside my computer. 🙂 Maybe not taking you to the location is part of the security so no further damage will be done?

    I can tell the change here by the way the leaves on the trees look. At some point they just look tired. That’s the best way to describe it. The green is not the fresh, energetic looking green of spring and early summer. It’s as if the trees are starting to shut down production just a little bit. It usually happens in August though there is still plenty of growing weather left in the season.

    Tonight is a super moon. No clouds so maybe I will see it when I am outside at 9PM giving the dogs their last walk of the day.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn!

      It was much the same here and I guess You’re right about that, it could be a security thing. Still they could have made it easier 🙂

      The leaves here look much the same until they start to change color, usually spring starts later here than over at Yours and autumn earlier so I guess it’s just too short time to start looking like that. This year however it has been just the opposite when it comes to spring, it started way earlier here so I’ll keep my eyes open if I can see any change.

      The moon was covered with thin clouds and since the sun was still shining I couldn’t see it and I couldn’t see it this morning. rather cold here when we were out walking so no flies bothered us but I have to admit it did feel more lika an autumn morning 🙂

      Havw a great week!

      • I did see the super moon clear and very bright. I was outside with two dogs on the leads and no camera. It was too close to the electric wires and housetops to be picturesque. It wouldn’t have mattered because two dogs on leads held in one hand while shooting one-handed would have produced very shaky shots.
        I was able to see it later when it was clear of obstruction and I was closer to my camera but it was zero dark thirty in the morning so, Goodnight Moon, I’m going back to sleep. 🙂

      • Well, we’ll see it again soon. Isn’t it supposed to show one or two more times this year? The moon photos always get better in winter anyway 🙂

  5. Vi trodde vi skulle få massor av regn iggr, inatt och idag – alltså det var vad SMHI sa! Men precis som vanligt så stämmer det inte, vi har nu på morgonen totalt fått 2,5 mm! Jäklar – nu måste man vattna igen!! 😦
    Annars är det skönt att solen inte steker längre och det är uppåt 30 grader, det blev lite väl mycket. Man blir så slö av värmen och orkar ingenting. Men igår när det “bara” var 22 som mest, så hann jag både klippa gräs och beskära lite saker. Bl.a. vinrankorna som växer så det knakar: 🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det har precis börjat regna här, inga massor men rätt stadigt än så länge.
      Jo jag måste erkänna att det är skönt att det blivit lite svalare nu, framförallt att det blivit det inomhus, nu går det äntligen att sova ordentligt på nätterna igen 🙂

      Ja vin är ett redigt ogräs 🙂 Jag har klipt av lite också men inte märks det 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  6. I never knew bamboo would grow in a cooler climate, we had a virus attack us the other day, Norton grabbed it but sometimes I truly wonder if anyone is safe on the computer, before my Father died he said the computers were the government’s eyes, he believed they used them and the TV to watch us, lol, there was no telling him any different, who knows !!!

    • Hi Laurie!

      This one grows in northern Japan and the winters do get cold there. It’s a longshot but I’ll try them since they were so cheap 🙂

      Your father is right now days, it is the governments eyes I’m afraid. Most people think of the USA and Great Britain as the worst amongst democracies but the worst country actually seems to be Sweden. They spy not only at foreign countries but also on us Swedes. Thanks to Snowden we learned that they do far more than the law allowes and it seems there’s no way to stop them. It’s easy to say “well I’m not doing anything illegal so I don’t have to worry” but what if times get tougher and we no longer will stay as democracies? Then it doesn’t matter if one does anything illegal, they can arrest us anyway and they do save all data from the beginning. Tv however I believe he was wrong 🙂

      I’m glad Norton grabbed it, why can’t these people use all that energy for something good instead?

      Have a great week!

      P.S. I’m making a blck currant and wild gooseberry cobbler right now, smells heavenly 🙂

  7. Christer, so many things to comment on in this post…beautiful scenics and plants (as always) and the headaches of technology with your mobile phone upgrade (we would not want to use ours in the shower either) memory card problems and then a comouter virus! If things DO happen in 3s then you have it covered and hopefully no more glitches. We still have a house phone as it has an answering unit attached and we do not want everyone to have our cell phone nos. True, it does cost a bit more but what we save by not subscribing to cable/satellite TV services we spend in other ways, it’s all a matter of choices.
    Our tomato plants have lots of green tomatoes, but none for picking yet. The pepper plants have some ready now and the basil and parsley are doing well. Our garden is very small compared to years past and we prefer it this way.
    Enjoy the blog break and the rest of yiur vacation if it is not over yet. Weather here now is hot, humid and like a sauna in the early mornings.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      I really dislike having to change mobile phone but it has to be done. At least it’s the same brand even if that doesn’t help much 🙂 I forgot to buy a new memory card when I was in town but I still have the old camera, the problem is that the battery needs to be charged and it has been such a long time since I used that camera that I have forgotten where I’ve placed the battery charger 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Everything is late here dispie the very early spring, a late frost and really cold nights have destroyed many plants and lots are late too.

      Have a great day!

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