I’ve already done the laundry.


The thunder and rain never arrived yesterday so it was just a hot and humid day here. They don’t predict anything else than sunshine and warmth with low humidity for today so I wouldn’t be surprised if the thunder arrived today instead 🙂 They also had predicted that it would cool down tomorrow, not any more. Now they say it will be just as warm as it has been for quite some time now. Well I need to buy food and the medicine both Hector and Orvar need so I’ll drive away early tomorrow to get what I need when it comes to food and medicine. The rest of the stuff I want will just have to wait because it would take too long to get home again when it’s going to be as hot as they say. 







Nova has ear problems again and this time both her ears are troublesome. I think it all will calm down again as soon as it gets less hot. It’s like when we get a cold during summer, it never seems to get better as long as it’s warm but as soon as the autumn coolness starts the cold goes away. The morning was not especially cool but we had a very thick fog, something they actually had predicted 🙂 It was so thick that the sun had problems reaching through even though it was quite high up in the sky. 







We have lots of mosquitoes now after the thunderstorm but they don’t bother me especially much. Of course I don’t like the sound they make, especially not when they try to land close to the ears 🙂 But It’s only itching after the first bites and after that I don’t feel it any more. It was however a long time since I was bitten by a mosquito so I have been scratching my left foot all night and now it’s just a bloody wound there instead and it doesn’t itch but aches rather much instead 🙂 🙂 🙂







The laundry is done and is now hanging outside to dry. Swallows are flying just outside my kitchen door and they make that screaming sound that I love to hear, it sounds like they were at the amusement park riding the rollercoaster 🙂 Otherwise it’s very quiet here in the village. Not even the cows make a sound at the moment. I’ve watered what needs to be watered because even if we did get lots of rain the other day it will soon be very dry again with this weather. 


My seed sown apple tree (the hand fan shaped one) will give a few apples this year. They are delicious!

My seed sown apple tree (the hand fan-shaped one) will give a few apples this year. They are delicious!

This is all the raspberries I'll get this year :-)

This is all the raspberries I’ll get this year 🙂


My Sorbus domestica.

My Sorbus domestica.


Now it’s time to make some breakfast. I’m in a hard bread period at the moment. I’m not sure how common hard bread is outside Scandinavia but here we can find lots and lots of different varieties. Everything from white hard bread to really dark ones, some with fruit in them and then we have the hard thin breads. With seeds on them and without too. No matter what one would like it most likely would be found here. I like it with cheese and caviar on it (or caviar and hard-boiled eggs). By caviar I mean smoked cod roe, it’s not allowed to be called caviar down in Europe because the EU has decided that name only is allowed on the expensive varieties like Beluga or the Vendace.


A Katydid, they are big and bite rather good. They sit high up in the trees in the afternoon/ evening and play until it's dark.

A Katydid, they are big and bite rather good. They sit high up in the trees in the afternoon/ evening and play until it’s dark.


A happy Nova being chased by Sune.

A happy Nova being chased by Sune.

Sometimes he actually manages to take the stick from her :-)

Sometimes he actually manages to take the stick from her 🙂


Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “I’ve already done the laundry.

  1. Underbara – svala – bilder med dimma. Den bästa var den med Orvar/Hector! 🙂
    Det är fruktansvärt varmt och dessutom fuktigt, så jag hade tänkt sitta på altanen och knäppa lite på datorn (håller på med finplaneringen av fastlandsveckan), men det gick inte. Alltså fick jag gå in, vilket inte känns så kul egentligen. Men Santos blev nöjd, det börjar bli lite väl varmt nu….. 😦
    Men jag har iaf hunnit med lite poolskötsel, vattna mina 50-talet krukor ute och flytta bort trädgårdsmöblerna så jag kommer fram med åkgräsklipparen. Sen var jag helt slut….. 😦 😦
    Gubben min har donat bakom garaget. Han var tvungen för han har sålt bilbryggan och dom kom och hämtade den igår. Med en jättetraktor, så det blev massor av fula spår. 😦 😦 😦
    Eftersom han sålt en traktor och ska sälja den andra med, så ville han inte ha kvar den jättestora bryggan. Istället har han beställt en lyft att ha inne på verkstan´. Håller faktiskt med, det var mest grannar som använde bryggan! 🙂
    KRAM från en svettig

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Det var faktiskt inte så svalt som det ser ut, men de flesta flugorna höll sig lugna i alla fall.

      Här är också väldigt varmt och fuktigt, det går inte att röra sig det minsta utan att man svettas som en gris. Duschen är välanvänd denna sommaren 🙂 Till och med katterna har gått in i huset nu för att komma undan den värsta hettan. Skulle inte förvåna mig om det blir åska idag, vissa moln ser ut att bygga upp för det i alla fall.

      Ja det är ju ingen idé att behålla bryggan om det inte är han som använder den mest 🙂 Vad skall han göra nu med sin tid 🙂

      Ha det gott i hettan!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Sune looks quite pleased with his Win.
    My dogs slept all day yesterday. They did not wake up until 4PM and then they were ready to go. Feed us! Walk us! Play with us! That country air is very tiring, apparently. 🙂

    I thought apples didn’t produce true from seed. How did you know this one would have tasty apples or did you not care? 🙂

    Is hard bread anything like what we call crackers? I sometimes get Wasserbread which comes in a few flavors but no colors. 🙂 It’s either white or light rye or something that has a lot of air pumped into it so it will be crispy but not wicked hard. That one is good with Nutella. Well, everything is good with Nutella. 🙂

    Today is much less humid and a bit cooler. The sun is out and there are puffy clouds. Looks like it will be a lovely day.

    Enjoy your day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      He is thoise few times he actually manages to take something from Nova 🙂

      Did they sleep for so long :-)Yes the country air is somewhat like chloroform 🙂 but like everything else,one gets used to it too fast 🙂

      Nohard bread isn’t like crackers. Here’s a link to photos in Biunks: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=knäckebröd&go=&qs=ds&form=QBIR

      High humidity and very hot here today, I wouldn’t be the least surprised if we did get thunder today instead, I can feel it in the air. But Hector still hasn’t walked in to the shower so it must be far away yet if it comes here 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Most of those would be called crackers over here. 🙂
        I meant Wasa but spelled it incorrectly.

        Yes they slept. They woke up at 8 AM, ate, went outside and did their business, came back in, crawled onto their sleeping spots and stayed there. Sleeping. Not even twitching with dreams. It was weirdly quiet in here yesterday.

      • I actually found wasser bread and it’s an ordinary bread so I did wonder 🙂 Wasa is one of the bigger brands here but we have loads of them.

        I checked crackers too just to be sure but they only showed common crackers on Bings photo search 🙂

        That’s why I so seldom go to town, I get so tired 🙂 🙂


  3. hi christer! i always have some of that hard bread here. i eat it with cottage cheese and pepper on it. i like the rye flavor. we are really nice and cool here. i wish we had this weather all the time. i did not know that katydids bite? have you ever been bitten by one? teddy just got finished with her antibiotics. she has such bad allergies and her eyes were itchy so she kept rubbing them and they got infected. i hope it is gone for good! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      Cottage cheese is rather nice to have on it too and <I do like to add a slice of tomato and pepper too 🙂
      I normalkly have rye too but we have some made from oat instead and they are quite tasty

      Still very warm here but the humidity is much lower thankfully. I wouldn't mind the heat that much if we always had low humidity. They say it will cool down here towards Thursday and I do look forward to it.

      Yes they can bite pretty good and yes I've been bitten and tries to avoid it now days 🙂 We actually call them wart biters, because people used them when they wanted to get rid of warts, they just annoyed the katydid long enough so it started to defend itself by biting 🙂

      So Teddy is finally better now 🙂 It's so annoying to not being able to help them when they get sick! I do hope Novas ear will finally get better again after this time.

      Have a great day!

  4. Hi Christer,
    Your fog pictures are wonderful. I like riding over the Bridge in the fog when you can’t see the water on either side. It is like an episode from The Twilight Zone.

    Today was as nice a day s summer gives us with sun, a breeze and low humidity. It is already down into the 60’s for sleeping tonight. Gracie loves going outside in the night when it is nice and cool. I know she’s out as her yard lights turn on when she walks passed them.

    I bought some wonderful cheese bread at the farmer’s market and had it with dinner tonight.

    I haven’t seen a whole lot of mosquitos, but if I get bitten, I’m like you. I scratch until the bite bleeds. The bites are usually on my feet.

    It was a nice day today!

    Have a great day tomorrow!

    • Hi Kat!

      I do like fog and lately we’ve had plenty of it. I can’t remember ever having thgis much fog in the middle of summer. I do hear that music in my head sometimes when walking in very thick fog, hearing things but not seeing them 🙂

      The evening and night was quite pleasant and I woke up this morning because it was so cold in my bedroom, long time since that happened 🙂

      I do like cheese bread and when ever I have some left over cheese I always use it when baking bread. The stronger the cheese the better 🙂

      It does feel better when it aches than when it itches 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer! I am late chiming in – busy day yesterday and today but oh am I glad I did! Those pictures! I wish we got fog like that but when you are smack in the middle of the Canadian prairies, fog is rare. Never thick like yours. I am jealous in a good way!! 🙂 Beautiful. Isn’t it lovely to walk around in the fog. I like feeling it on my skin. I hope Nova’s ears get better. Thats too bad. Our oldest dog, Tor, has been diagnosed with a massive tumor in his leg/groin area. He’s 15 so something like that is to be expected. Its not malignant, which is a good thing. He’s on a pain reliever/antiinflammatory now, so he’s feeling good. For now. We just have to monitor him and his quality of life. He’s a fun dog, he sings along when a siren goes by. I hope you get some rain! We are hot, hot, hot here with no end in sight. Everything is drier than a cork leg. 🙂 Have a good and happy Thursday!

    • Hi Dianna!

      I can’t remember we ever getting this much fog during summer, to be honest I can’t remember fog att all during summer. The rest of the year we have it quite often though. I love to walk around in thick fog never really being sure of what is happeninbg around me 🙂

      Poor Tor! Even if it isn’t malignant it still must be hard for him. I’m glad we have such good medicines now days that can keep them pain free, it’s the same with my Hector and Orvar but they have joint problems. It’s hard to do anything else when they are that old as well, one never knows what can happen during surgery.

      No rain yet today but I think we might get some later. Much cooler though 🙂

      Have a great day!

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