This is the last post here, I’ll move tomorrow to my new address.


I should be singing Joy to the world the lord is come because it is soo much cooler today and we’re having a strong wind that is blowing through my cottage making it nice and cool too. This weather will last till Saturday afternoon and then the heat will come back again but only for a short time they say. So I really should sing that but I won’t I’ve gotten a cold, my throat is sour, I have a head ache and my body is aching and I get leg cramps every now and again. So I’ll just say YAY, it’s cool 🙂



Lidköpings old Town hall. Now days they have a nice cafe on the bottom floor.





The river Lidan.


I drove to the town Lidköping this morning, a town just as connected to the big lake (Vänern, our biggest lake. Nothing compared to the big ones on the American continent but still the third biggest in Europe) as Gothenburg (the city I grew up in) is to the ocean. People have lived there just as long as they have in the towns around where I live, thousand years or more. But it didn’t get its charter (city privileges) until July 21. 1446. Most of the town burned however down and almost only the houses on the east side of the river Lidan was left after the fire.



The photos are a mix of the old town and the new town because I was looking for a pharmacy and just walked around. This is however the old town and the old town hall is placed in the new town which one could say is the old one since the old one burned down and was rebuilt 🙂 🙂




I think this is a memorial thing of the fire that burned down the old town.


Nothing much happened for over hundred years, then they decided a new town was going to be built on the west side of the river and for several years each town had his own Mayor. 1849 a fire burned down almost the entire east side of the town, only one block survived the fires. Today it’s a beautiful town and all photos I show today is taken in the center of the town on both sides of the river. I walked perhaps 100 meters (much the same in yards) so it’s just a tiny part of the town You can see. The weather was hot and humid when I was there so I didn’t stay too long. 



Finally I found the pharmacy, it was right in front of me the entire time 🙂 We call pharmacies for Apotek.





Yesterday I drove to the vet station to get a new prescription for Orvar and Hector. To my big surprise they now days close for one month during summer. I can’t remember them ever doing that before but then again, they want vacation too and I guess summer is less hectic. So first I drove 35km (21,7 miles) to Vara. Then I had to drive to Falköping where I know there’s an open et station and it’s around 50 km (31 miles) from Vara to Falköping. The vet naturally wanted to see Hector before she wrote any prescription which is fully understandable. So I drove home to get Hector and it’s 20km (12,4 miles) home. Got Hector and drove back and got the prescription and home again. I couldn’t get the medicine yesterday because I couldn’t leave Hector in a hot car and he’s not allowed at the pharmacy. 


A more modern building. All buildings are low in this town but some genious thought it would be great to have a skyscraper too just by the lake. They decided that it was going to be built but thankfully something went wrong and I hope they have put this idiotic idea in the grave now!

A more modern building. All buildings are low in this town but some genius thought it would be great to have a skyscraper too just by the lake. They decided that it was going to be built but thankfully something went wrong and I hope they have put this idiotic idea in the grave now!




It’s the horse variety I use for them because they are rather big and if I use the dog variety I’ll need to go to the vet very often to get the prescription (it’s the same thing but more concentrated for horses). The dog variety can be found everywhere but not the horse kind so I was prepared to drive to Vara again today because there are lots of horses close to that pharmacy but I was lucky and found a pharmacy that had it. So now we have the medicine and won’t have to go to the vet for a couple of months again.







The head ache is gone 🙂 so now I think I’ll cure my throat with lots of ice cream 🙂 Too bad I don’t have any coffee at home, it’s not the same with tea to be honest. Here is a link to my new address because from tomorrow I’ll start writing there instead: The cottage by the Crane lake, life goes on.




I didn't take many photos this morning because I knew I was going to Lidköping. These two however is from this mornings walk.

I didn’t take many photos this morning because I knew I was going to Lidköping. These two however is from this mornings walk.



Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “This is the last post here, I’ll move tomorrow to my new address.

  1. Vilken fin liten stad, lagom stor och inte så mycket turister som här i Visby. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Men OK Visby är enormt vacker, så jag förstår dom. -) Men vi aktar oss noga för att åka dit på sommaren. Fast i måndags var vi tvungna – och det var inte kul! 😦
    Något svalare väder har vi inte märkt av direkt. Visserligen stod det på min väderstation att det skulle vara 23 grader idag – i Hemse! Men här, 1,5 mil därifrån är det precis “som vanligt” hela 28-29 grader. Det börjar bli jobbigt och alldeles nyss hörde jag att dom östra delarna av landet skulle få 25-30 nästa vecka igen. Då blir det väl uppåt 32-33 här misstänker jag….. Puh! 😦 Man orkar inte göra ett skapandes grand i trädgården. Ja, förutom vattna krukorna förstås. Rolle skulle klippa diket idag, han kom c:a 50-60 meter, sen gav han upp! 😦 😦
    Vi syns på din nya blogg hoppas jag!?

    • Hejsan Susie!

      Lidköping är faktiskt ganska stort men de flesta höll sig nog vid stränderna och många låg nog fortfarande och sov när jag var där vid halvniotiden 🙂

      Tror inte vi ens har 20 grader just nu, mulet och lite duggregn, jag var ute och vattnade lite så att det rgn som kommer i alla fall sjunker ned på de ställena det behövs. Annars är jag rädd att det mesta bara skulle flyta vidare. Jag hoppas på e rejäl skur med det är nog att hoppas för mycket 🙂

      Nä, man orkar inget i den hettan, jag tror inte ens jag börjat om jag varit Rolle 🙂

      Jo jag kommer allt att vara där 🙂 Flyttar ju bara för att det är utrymmesskäl här.

      Ha det gott!

  2. Hi Christer,
    It’s a very picturesque town. Old and New. I have to admit being a bit confused about which is Old and which is New. Part of the Old one burned so they built a New one but then the other part of the Old one burned and they built a new Old one and now the New one is the old New one? Or is it the other way round?
    If something has been lived in for a thousand years, it probably doesn’t matter. 🙂
    The sculptures by the water are great. I love the girl with the spouting dolphin. I think I would have been dangling my feet in the water along there if it was hot and humid.

    Today is cool and breezy. A perfect way to end the month of July.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!

      I do like it but it look much the same as any town in this area. The old town is till the old town (that’s the part that was left after the first fire) even if almost all burned down in a second fire and all buildings there are pretty new compared to the new town 🙂 The old town still have one block of the oldest buildings in Lidköping but I never went to that place today. I think You’re right, it really doesn’t matter 🙂

      I do like that fountain but I truly doubt that it is a dolphin, we don’t have those in our lakes 🙂 My guess is that it perhaps is some kind of salmon?

      Cool and very windy here and I love it, today 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. hi christer! that is such a pretty town. i would enjoy walking around it and checking it out. but not if it was too hot. today is our last day for cool weather. the heat returns tomorrow. are the boys going to hat the ear drops? i know teddy would. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      I think so too. Lots of shops and stores all over the center of town not to forget all small restaurants and cafées 🙂
      Today was a bit too hot to be honest, normally I can walk around there for hours just looking at the town.

      Their medicine goes straight into their mouths and they never complain thankfully 🙂 It is as if they understand life would be much harder if they didn’t take it.

      We’ll have tomorrow cool too but then the heat comes back for a while. I don’t mind if it is warm but I really don’t want it hot since I start working again on Monday.

      Have a great day!

  4. With those ear drops, I think you are going to have a fight on your hands.. 🙂
    The town is like something from a Fairy Tale. Why in the world don’t we paint our buildings’s such a wonderful warm and welcoming color.
    Also..thanks for the picture of my favorite cat. The ears! Something is on his mind…you can tell!
    He reminds me of the cat that lives next door to Charlie Brown and Snoopy. SWASH!!! and half the dog house is gone!! LOVE it!

    • Hi Mona!

      It is Nova that has the ear drops, Orvar and Hector get their medicine straight into their mouths. Thankfully bot they and Nova takes their medicine without too much arguing 🙂

      We are a bit obcessed with red houses here 🙂 I do like it but towns should have other colors too I think 🙂

      That is a fantastic cat 🙂 I think he might be related to Bertil, they sure have the same temperment anyway 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Christer,
    I had such a good time walking through town with you. The day was so beautiful and the sky so blue the buildings seem to shine. The flags all over are wonderfully decorative. The town hall is beautiful. I am sorry that old part of the town mostly burned down. I think it would have been my favorite. I am not a skyscraper person either. The cape has some great old houses and I never tire of seeing them.

    The roofs really pop with color. The sails are a great monument.

    Sorry for all that dog driving, but that’s what we all do for our pets. I needed to pick up some pills for me today, but I didn’t. Had they been for Gracie I would have.

    I have already added you to the links on the side at your new digs. See you there tomorrow!

    Have a great evening!!

    • Hi Kat!

      It is a nice town and burning down was something they all did back then 🙂 All towns back in the days were built from wood and all houses stood close. I think that it would be very rare if a town hasn’t burned down at least once here 🙂 🙂

      Gothenburg had no skyscrapers in the city when I grew up either but as soon as they start building one more will come. Still very few there though but those that stand destroyes the entire city I think. They have plenty of space to build more houses in the size they already have in Lidköping but everyone wants a home by the water. It’s not s if the town needs more money, this is actually the richest town in Sweden.

      Yes that’s what we do for our dogs 🙂 I too wouldn’t have cared especially much if it was my own medicine I needed but the dogs must have theirs 🙂

      See You at the new place 🙂
      Have a great day!

  6. What a fiasco with the dog medicine! Hope they appreciate it ;).

    That town is just beautiful, old or new or old new. It is so clean and has so few cars or people. The gardens are so restful looking. I wonder if you know what tree that is that is trimmed to be so square? It looks like a linden.

    Very pretty dahlia up top, you’ll show pictures when is fully opened?

    I just read somewhere that leg cramps are a sign of dehydration and that you should drink more, even if you have to get up at night :)! It would be good for your cold too! Hope you feel better soon! Got that greenhouse calling your name!

    • Hi Wendy!

      I could of course have called to see if they were open 🙂 Dogs never appreciate any medicine even if they understand they need to take it 🙂

      It is a beautiful town but remember this is just around the center of the town, the rest is even more beautiful 🙂 Yes It looks like Linden, a very popular tree here.

      Yes I will show You how that dahlia looks when it is fully open, I guess it’ll take a few more days though.

      Yes dehydration usually gives cramps but I get it often but perhaps not as much as I have had it now. So I have been drinking lots of water but can’t say I can notice any bigger change at the moment 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. HI Christer! Beautiful town! I hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than a summer cold. Do you gargle with warm salt water to help your throat? I find that is the best. I hate getting sick and I am a bad patient, I get rather cranky 🙂 Send some cool weather your way. Its hot as blazes here with no relief in sight. I just get a bit tired of heat for long stretches. I am looking forward to August and the autumn!! Hassles with the vet is a pain in the you know what. You know your dog, they should have just given you the medicine. Money grab!!! Have a good Friday! Feel better!

    • Hi Dianna!

      I can’t say I feel worse anyway 🙂 My nose is stuffed this morning but my throat doesn’t hurt that much. I too get cranky but I tend to sleep a lot so not much time to show my crankiness to others 🙂 🙂 I’ve never tried warm salt water even if I’ve known about it for some time. If the throat get worse again I’ll try it.

      It will stay col today too but then it’ll change towards hot. I do hope it won’t stay for too long since I’ll start working next week and it is hot enough as it is at work since we have that huge washing machine and oven.

      I do understand the vet though, this pai and anti-inflammation medicine has actually been used by bodybuilders. I’m not quite sure why but there was this huge scandal some years ago when some vets lost their license due to selling it to bodybuilders in large quantities. And they didn’t charge especially much either, they just wanted to be sure it wasn’t something I would seell to someone else 🙂

      Have a great day!

  8. Hi Christer, I have fallen behind in blog reading, but glad I read this one and got your new blog address which I have bookmarked. And I have already visited it and like the wider photo display. Did you run out of space on this one? In the 3+ years we have been blogging, we have not changed, and hopefully will not need to before we eventually relocate. Enjoyed the town tour as its always nice to see a change and different places too. It’s clear to see you are such a caring pet owner after reading about all the driving to and from to get the prescription for Hector and hope he feels better. But more so hope you feel better before you have to return to work.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      Yes I ran out of space and I could hab´ve bought more but they want to keep my card number so they can draw money from it every year, I really don’t need so muc space every year so I rather start a new one instead. It’s the photos that take so much space that I need more every second year.

      The cold is still there and every now and again my nose gets runny 🙂 Well, it will give up sooner or later 🙂

      Have a great day!

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